New depths to ai generated art.

What is art? What is beauty?

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Flannel Jesus
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New depths to ai generated art.

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There's an artificial intelligence that you can access right now for not very much money, you can give it text prompts and it will spit out amazingly high quality pieces. It's called midjourney. ... s_funeral/

It has been trained on a dataset of I don't know how many thousands of paintings, and it has its own style.

What's interesting is that it seems to have some sort of conceptual understanding of a lot of words, but it's concepts are clearly at least somewhat disconnected from how we humans conceptualise those things. A lot of the images it produces are amazing but they lack certain finishing touches - unfinished faces, bodies without heads, arms without hands. It can make a beautiful painting but it still needs a humans helping hand to take it to a place where it makes sense.

But a lot of people have a soft spot for the nonsense that it produces, it's interesting in its own right.
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Re: New depths to ai generated art.

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That's amazing. I just had a quick look on my TV at the pics produced - wow.

Many years ago there was a website where you could put in a few words and the 'ai' would assemble images based on the words, from images it garnered from the web - output like a mosaic. Since I have a footprint with some of my art under different usernames, I put those usernames in and the result was really interesting. I can't remember what the website was called unfortunately.
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