True Tolerance

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True Tolerance

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“Be it a question of science, metaphysics, or religion,
the man who says: "What is truth?" as Pilate did, is
not a tolerant man, but a betrayer of -the human race.
There is real and genuine tolerance only when a man
is firmly and absolutely convinced of a truth, or of
what he holds to be a truth, and when he at the same
time recognizes the right of those who deny this truth
to exist, and to contradict him, and to speak -their own
mind, not because they are free from truth but because
they seek truth in -their own way, and because
he respects in them human nature and human dignity
and those very resources and living springs of
the intellect and of conscience which make them potentially
capable of attaining the truth he loves, if
someday they happen to see it.”
Jacques Maritain, On The Uses of Philosophy, p. 24

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Re: True Tolerance

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be an individual or a drone?

betray the human race indeed...

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