Postmodernism, Liberalism, Cynicism

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Postmodernism, Liberalism, Cynicism

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Predominant online philosophy forums, such as "Philosophy Now" or "" are dominated by a very specific mimetic virus. It is called Postmodernism, an extension of Judaeo-Christian Nihilism. But, more specifically, we all can call this "Liberal Cynicism". This is the dominating Western world view, currently. What does this mean?

It means that there is no "philosophy" to be had or found, anywhere, especially on these "philosophy forums", and especially in universities throughout the Western world. Philosophy has become rejected, hated, by those who claim to support and fervent it. The doors of philosophy were opened, during the European Enlightenment, and who flooded in through the wide gates? Atheists, Christians, and Jews teamed and pulsed inside the realm of philosophy, destroying everything history had ever once called philosophical.

What we all find, today, is that the so called "philosophers", online or residing in the halls of academia, or even Rick Lewis who supports his popular "magazine" and article, are the most anti-philosophical of all people.

How can these "philosophers" claim to accept Science, while rejecting Empiricism?

How can these "philosophers" claim to reject Religion, while pushing a most powerful dogma of liberalism?

I'll tell you how, right now. Philosophy has become Religion, has become dogmatic. The "new philosophy", the "philosophy now", is Secular Humanism, which is a negative, mirror, shadow form of Judaeo-Christianity. If you take either Judaism, or Christianity, together or separately, and invert all of their values, virtues, histories, truths, and premises, then you will have what we call "philosophy" today, Secular Humanism. This is actually, Liberal Cynicism.

It is first marked by the value of Cowardice. Cowards are the new philosophers. Cowardice is the new virtue. Cover your eyes to the light, the blind have become kings of the world.

Dogma is the new religion, any dogma will do. The psuedo-philosophers and academic philosophers, both will claim to be "different" from dogma, somehow, but, what is the truth? The "philosophers now" have become most dogmatic of all! Science is rejected. Religion, by another name, is the new standard.

Don't question your premises.

Don't doubt your values.

Don't think.

If somebody says the word "****", or "turd", or "nit...wit", then ignore this man. He hurts our precious feelings, and our precious feelings are the most important value of all. Emotion, over Reason. Subject, over Object. Ideal, over Real. Woman, over Man. Religion, over Philosophy.

These are the new values, and they're spreading violently all across the world.

You can see this when, the "philosophers now" reject Science, outright. They don't understand it.

You can see this when, the "philosophers now" accept Religion, outright. Secular Humanism is the new cult of cult. No God is God. Never, ever doubt your premises! Never, ever question what you've been indoctrinated with, since your birth. Accept your slavery. Paradise on earth...that's what everybody wants, right?
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Re: Postmodernism, Liberalism, Cynicism

Post by Impenitent »

the song remains the same...

gird your loins...

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