Sunday Sermon 24th June 2012

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Re: Sunday Sermon 24th June 2012

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Arising_uk wrote:
Thundril wrote:It's gotta be better than having a pedant hanging round your neck.

Just thought! If John joins us it'll be "An Englishman, Welshman and Scotsman are in a pub..."
If I was in the area I'd love to but trips to London are very infrequent these days I'm afraid. :lol:
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Re: Sunday Sermon 24th June 2012

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The Jesus Head wrote:You may in fact be a bit like Socrates . He did not appreciate that the twists and turns of apparent logic can be seen as silly sophistry vs common experience. ...
Did he not? Care to back this up? My reading of him is that his questions showed exactly silly sophistry for what it was. Since when has 'common experience' been the touchstone of philosophy?
A good deal of your argument is characteristically petty .
Only if you dislike answering questions.
It is also seething with anger.
Nah! Thats just your reflection talking to you.
I recommend that you see a psychologist and talk over your problems.
Have you stopped beating your wife?
Dissecting the comments of people on this forum forever and a day is
something that only an ill person would practice.
And writing sermons is what?

The 'dissection' comes about because in a real conversation when a point of contention is met the conversation can digress to explore the issue. In this format its not possible so I put my question where it can be addressed or not.

That I use 'dissecting' comments is me expressing my opinion of someones thought. That there are sometimes many in a post is due to there being many thoughts expressed with every sentence. If it was one thought over one or more paragraphs you'd generally get a paragraph back, if I had an opinion about it that is.
You really need to save yourself.
That'd be your qualified considered advice would it?

What is your diagnosis about those with a total aversion to question answering?
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