Clark and Dawe - Absurdity Important in Making Points?

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Clark and Dawe - Absurdity Important in Making Points?

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Hey, I was walking round YouTube some time ago and came upon this:

Some Australian (any austies here?) parody societal and political commentary show ranging from sports news to economy to politics in general, while not really serious about any. I've been following the show for some time now, and a striking point catches me: the absurdity, not always apparent but always hidden in the show, seems to catch life's many situations where the way people argument: rhetorically, logically, assumingly, snappy, rantingly, etc. creates totally idiotic portrayals of truth, and yet behind that absurdity in their arguments the show still manages to make some valid points regarding the workings of such things as they talk about.

Anybody else been following the show?

My question is: can absurdity, all the way from "Monty Pyton" to "Clark and Dawe" to parodies in general, be as teaching as they sometimes seems to be to the ignorant folk (those who doesn't know the things parodied about)? Can comedies, based on such things like absurdity, teach us things about the real life of value?

What about totally absurd movies like "Epic Movie" and "Meet the Spartans" and "Borat" and the upcoming "The Dictator", can these shows tell us anything about real life? Can you reason good knowledge out of something made so fantastically stupid as these movies? Or does watching them just dumb you down?
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Re: Clark and Dawe - Absurdity Important in Making Points?

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They are legends of Australian comedy.
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