Property and Theft

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Property and Theft

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Property and Theft
We have social norms and law that protect property – material property.
Theft is taking property from its owner, which signifies those accorded control.
Which requires a prior decision about what the basis of ownership is.
Property may be owned by an elite or government for its own purposes, and the populace has duties.
Property may be owned by all individuals for themselves, and people have rights.
Property may be owned by society for its corporate and mutual benefit - altruist society, and people have responsibilities.
A hybrid society may have property within all three categories, but that is a precarious situation without very distinct definitions of what property is involved, and for what overall purpose. Much as we find this country today. Which brings back the original three forms of society.
As against all of the preceding there is chaos, in which there is no common basis of ownership.
Theft is a creator of chaos, and is the act of forcefully diverting property from its social purpose.
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