Individual, Society, State

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Individual, Society, State

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Individual, Society, State
Politicians tend to be so pragmatic as to warp ethical reality.
We, as individuals, live our own semi-autonomous lives as part of community and the state.
But it is necessary to recognise priority, and unavoidable compromise should be clearly understood.
Autonomous individual: Society: or State.
Thus, China may lay claim to Taiwan as part of China. But for China the state is paramount and the individual subservient as its servant.
If the autonomous individual were paramount, then China and Taiwan would merely be convenient administrative areas in the world.
Autonomous individuals are citizens of the whole world and have no particular loyalty or culture.
If society were paramount it would be as an altruistic association of individuals from the grass-roots upwards to the global community.
If China were an altruist community, it could not lay claim to Taiwan other than by the will of Taiwanese citizens. Pragmatically, both China and Taiwan would need to be capable of independence without each other.
In Britain it would be possible for Scotland to become independent with no existential threat to England. But if Kent or some other county were able to declare UDI, it would be a threat to all stability in the world.
The United Nations must decide whether it supports the power of the state, that of the auntonomous individual, or altruistic society.
The situation in Palestine-Israel barely needs explication.
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