Anarchistic Relativism

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Anarchistic Relativism

Post by RWStanding » Tue Jun 30, 2020 2:31 pm

Anarchistic Relativism
Morality is relative so far as it relates to the class of society it promotes.
But there is tendency today to describe various forms of societies and civilizations as if they are all moral.
That would be a description of an extreme form of Anarchism. In which any local cult may act how it wishes within the cult, or with regard to its members. This is only marginally divorced from everyone whatsoever doing as they wish, which is total Chaos, and loss of any meaning for the term ‘society’. A Tyranny within Anarchist society is a contradiction.
A documentary about the Aztec civilization described it in these extreme relativist terms, even with regard to mass human sacrifice. Obviously if humanity were to be totally converted to such a religion and culture, such that everyone accepted its ethic, there would be no escape other than natural disaster.
This is of course, with my speaking as a democratic altruist.

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