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Racial profiling is in the news as a current controversy.
But, profiling is an act and not an ethical value.
It is therefore not in itself ‘good or bad’ which relates to values and therefore the kind of society or anti-society promoted.
Since the various forms of society derive from their values, it is not possible to use any value to define a class of society as ‘good or bad’. There may well be pragmatic considerations that make some classes of society untenable, if we are in favour of society and do not want its destruction.
As an Altruist, my scale of virtue and vice, is on that basis.
Given that the three end-value classes of society may be named as Altruist, Anarchist, Authoritarian.
Set against all of them Chaos – without law or ethic.
A socially cohesive society, country, cannot accept more than one of those end-values.
Authoritarian, tyrannous, totalitarian, class of society, will naturally employ all and any form of profiling as a basis for class.
Anarchistic, individualist, based society, would not normally have any use for profiling.
Altruistic, forms of society, would legitimately employ ethical profiling.
In the process of profiling, it is evident enough that particular sets of people, will be highlighted.
If that group is seemingly a particular religion, culture, race, it merely indicates where the seat of a problem is situated, and needs to be openly dealt with.
Nevertheless, what politicians like to name a ‘cult’ may be implicated and need to be outlawed or debunked in totality.
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Re: Profiling

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When a man stops profiling women he knows he is getting old. :D

When is it right to profile? The secular experts will tell you. You can trust them
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