Point, Line and Circle

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Point, Line and Circle

Post by Eodnhoj7 » Tue Jun 16, 2020 4:52 pm


This origin of being is represented by the omnipresent point as the primordial symbol representing the origin of all things.

All symbols and acts of quantification and qualification begin with the expression of the dot which gain there origin beginning with a single point in space. Even the formation of symbols themselves, through drawing or painting, begin with a single point as a dot.

It is the replication of the point which necessitates it as undergoing a cycle through recursion. The progression of one point to another is the progression away from an origin back to its origin.

This cycling through repetition necessitates the circle as a symbol of maintenance representing the repetition of phenomena that gives precedence to order. That which repeats exists through a symmetry across time and space much like a habit that gives identity. We deem something as true based upon its ability to replicate, be it one's character through habit, scientific truths or the replication of lines to form a rectangle.

This inversion of one point to another is thus represented by the line. Symbolically it represents intelligence, under the nature of analysis ,where one phenomena progresses to another. This progress from one phenomena through another shows all phenomena as connected by an inherent middle phenomena which expands across the phenomena. Thus the line, representing intelligence, dually shows the connection of phenomena.

Truth is form and form is"existence", with many grades of truth being the movement away or from a center point of being in the same manner many forms expand and contract from a single point. This centerpoint can be called "God", with the circumferance being the range of being which extends from and through the "Creator".

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