The Big Bang and Principle of Explosion

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The Big Bang and Principle of Explosion

Post by Eodnhoj7 » Tue Jun 16, 2020 4:45 pm

The Big Bang and Principle of explosion are both isomorphisms of eachother through the dualism of abstraction and empiricality.

The big bang theory observes all empirical being, condensed into a single point, expand into the variety of forms which are composed of point particles, with the laying out of point particles resulting in the forms. The one point self negated into many.

Dually the principle of explosion replicates this same pattern, all assumptions condensed into a single axiom self contradicting into the variety of assumptions, all composed of points of awareness. It is one assumed axiom self negated into many.

In these respects both the big bang and principle of explosion occur through the process of self-negation and as such are inherently two dimensions, one abstract and one physical, resulting in the same phenomena of form.

These phenomena, both empirical contexts and abstract contexts, are connected by a single point that ties the foundations of a priori and a posteriori phenomenon as one.

It is the tautology of the point, into a series of points existing as forms which results in the "void sequence".

This can be proven through a series of lines alternating into new lines. The dot represents the original point the empirical and abstract phenomena originate from, the line as the resulting form.

All phenomena result from void voiding itself into form, with form voiding itself into many forms. Logically this sequence is a result of the Principle Explosion, where from contradiction anything results, empirically this sequence is a result of the Big Bang, where from nothingness everything results.

Expressed mathematically the sequence occurs from the divergence of 0 value points into the number line:


**** 1= .______. --->
**** -1= <--- .______.

(1-->1)--> (2, 1/2, -2, -1/2)

*** 2= .____.____. --->
*** 1/2 = .____. --->
*** -2 <--- .____.____.
*** -1/2 <--- .____.

(1-->2)--> (3, 1/3, -3, -1/3)

*** 3 .____.____.____. --->
*** 1/3 .____. --->
*** -3 <--- .____.____.____.
*** -1/3 <--- .____.

The line starts with point 0. This point zero projects to form the most basic quantifiable form: the line as 1 unit and -1 unit respectively (considering the line relativistically projects in both directions as one direction. The projection of 1 is the projection of -1 considering the line is relative in directions).

As the point projects again -2 and 2 results where -1/2 and 1/2 occurs simultaneously (this is considering 2 lines necessitates each line as 1/2 the original line).

The sequence continues as the line projects to another point as 3 and -3 and 1/3 and -1/3. For each projection of the point comes a projection of another line thus resulting in the number line as the projection of a point 0. All numbers, as x=x, originate with the projection of point 0 to another point 0 as (0 --> 0) and (0 <-- 0) as (0<-->0) or (0=0). The number line originates with 0.

Logically this sequence occurs from an empty assumption into variables, thus mirroring its mathematical counterpart:

(• --> •) --> A, -A

(A-->A) --> (B, A/B, -A/B, -B)

(A-->B) --> (C, A/C, -A/C, -C)

Empirically this sequence occurs from one set of qualities into another:

"Mammal" is "Cat"

"Mammal" is "Cat" is "Wild Cat"

"Mammal" is "Cat" is "Wild Cat as Fraction of Mammal"

"Mammal" is "Cat" is "Not Wild Cat" (ie wild cat is wild cat, cat may be something else rather than wild)
(A-->B)--> -C

"Mammal" is "Cat" is "not cat is fraction of mammal" (ie cat may be drawing and as such is not mammal)
(A-->B) ---> -A/C

This sequence results in being as composed of fractions and fractals and reflects in all words used to describe them. Words as tautologies are words as fractions.

For example:

(quality)--> (state) ---> (index) ---> (.......)

Where "measurement" is the base underlying word that grounds all subdefinitions under it. "Measurement" represents the inherent middle term that reflects through the tautology.

This sequence occurs through the process of doubling, as a process of cycling which results in the phenomenon as a contextual loop.

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