Looping of Quantities and Qualities

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Looping of Quantities and Qualities

Post by Eodnhoj7 » Mon Jun 15, 2020 10:55 pm


As self referencing it would be subject to double positives and double negative simultaneously, as both are self referential loops by nature. Double positives lead to a negative, and double negatives lead to a positive. One rule is an isomorphism of the other, with both being grounded in a proof through contradiction whose self referentiality lies in recursion.

Double negatives are the foundation for all math and logic.

-1-1=-2 results in the first act of addition where addition results from self reference of negative numbers as subtraction. Addition is the subtraction of subtraction.

(-P --> -P) --> (P-->P) --> (Q --> (-P --> -P))... occurs simultaneously in logic, where negative P and negative P negate into positive P with P inverting back into a simultaneous negative P due to Q containing antithetical elements as to what P is not considering Q is a variation of P.

Recursion of negatives is a foundation of math and logic.

Dually double positives occur: The repetition of positives necessitates a negative.

This occurs within the basic number line as well.

1 and 1 have 0 distance between them...this is the first thesis/thesis as antithesis.

1 and 1 necessitate 2 when counting it on a number line.

1 and 2 have one line between them where this number is -1 if the numbers are to be equal. The variation of 1 into 2 necessitates 2 is a grade of 1 as it is composed of 1...it is a fragment of 1 strictly by observing a number line as multiple 1 line segments. The difference between a positive 1 and a positive 2 is negative one.

The same occurs for the difference between a positive 1 and positive 3...a negative two.

The same occurs for 3 and 7...-4

So a positive and a positive, requires a variation of the original positive into grades, with the grades as different due to a seperation necessitating antithetical or negative elements.

An example using the number line would be you have 3 progressing to 7. 7 is a variation of 1, thus when it goes from 7 to 1 (right to left just like the negative number line) you have -4 as superpositioned within the positive number line.

(Insert pictures)

Another example, previously stated:

"The Goodest Good necessitates Evil."

(G-->G) --> (-G=E)


((G)G) --> (-G)

If there is a good and this good is greater than another good, then this good not only observes itself repeated in a variation but that some goods are greater than others due to a variation of contexts.

Good as a degree necessitates good as less than another good, thereby observing that this degree of good has antithetical properties of "not good" or "evil".

Good in a state of multiple degrees shows Good as being intrinsically negated, thus a positive (or thesis) as directed towards another positive (thesis) results in its antiththetical nature.

The rule of double positives and double negatives are grounded in self referentiality, much in the same manner the voiding of void results in the Big Bang, the contradiction of contradiction results in the Principle of Explosion, as well as the assumption of assumption (through metaphysics as "being qua being") results in the form of all knowledge as we see fit.

Double negatives and double positives self referentially alternate:

(-A --> -A) --> A
The not cat is the not cat therefore cat. This necessitates cat as existing where the negation of one phenomena necessitates a non negated state as existing.

(A -> A) --> (B <--> -A)
The cat is the cat therefore x type of cat exists if and only of a not cat exists. This necessitates x type of cat existing considering one being progresses to a type of that being through a regression with x being what is not a cat. For example "bengal" or "wild" is a phenomena which is not limited to cat thus is a phenomena which is not cat is produced through the regression.

(-A --> A) --> (B <--> -A)
The not cat necessitates cat as existing therefore x type of cat exists if and only if not cat exists. The cat as existing necessitates a type of cat as existing. This type of cat existing necessitates a phenomena, as the type, existing which is not cat.

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