All Phenomena are Empty in Themselves

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All Phenomena are Empty in Themselves

Post by Eodnhoj7 » Fri Jun 12, 2020 3:30 pm

Given that a phenomenon is defined through another phenomenon necessitates the phenomenon as empty in itself.

A is defined through its continuum to B. As such A is defined as empty in itself except through its definition of B. A is not an assertion which can stand on its own terms.

For example if I look up the term A in a dictionary it leads directly to B. A is defined through B and as defined through B it cannot hold the weight of its own definition.

A is empty on its own terms as a singular entity given it requires another term in order to define it.
This emptiness can be expressed through A=A where A is defined through an inherent circularity that necessitates itself as empty. As a singular entity it is a loop, this loop is empty. This empty loop nature reflects through other phenomena be it empirical or abstract. As empirical it is expressed through the traceability of all forms, that compose reality, as a loop. Dually through A=A all abstract phenomena are circular through identity properties.

All terms As Continuums Require Another Term In Order To Define It.

A is defined through B. A cannot exist without B.

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