Void as a Mirror

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Void as a Mirror

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Void acts as a mirror.

The voiding of void necessitates Nothingness negating itself into being. Repetition is derived from nothing. This Nothingness, as not a thing in itself, self negates. Self negation is the beginning of the mirroring process.

The voiding of void, as being, necessitates all forms as replicating across nothingness. For example a particle in a vacuum, moving from point A to point B, observes a particle as replicating from one position into another. This replication is the mirroring of the particle considering, the particle in position A is a mirror image of the particle in position B.

. Dually a thought moving to another thought, through the empty state of the mind, observes one form replicate into another. Form A repeats itself under a new variation as form B; this can be observed under the morphing of a thought about a horse change into a unicorn, certain key characteristics (such as the legs and head of the horse) repeat into a newer form.

Void is the means of change from one phenomenon to another, this change is a replication of forms. This replication occurs through a process of mirroring where the void, ie nothingness, acts as a mirror to being thus causing it to repeat through a successive variation.
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