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Political – Social diagrams abound.
Their common failing is in employing political theories direct. Relating them to each other in ways that may be convincing, but miss the essential point. That they are based on values and are not values in themselves.
It is the values that need to related together in a convincing way, and those values are ethical values. Ethical values that define life as it exists and can be known. Which life, is only understood by the mind, and therefore that is what the values define.
Another failing of various diagrams is either being too simple, one dimensional from freedom to authoriatianism for instance. Or vastly complex.

That attached Diagram involves what may be seen as six dimensions, and another away from that entirety towards C. But although it may make use of many values, only three of those are end values at A, S, T. The others F, E, O, are the simple values that relate together so as to create end values.
The letters used represent values or even sets of consonant values.
F to T is tyranny and authoritarianism through to freedom liberty, equality etc.
S to O is self interest or anarchism through to duty, responsibility etc.
E to A is ego etc through to altruism.
A to S is in fact a dimension of freedom that relates either to individuals or society
S to T is in fact a dimension of the ego that relates either to the many or the few
T to A is in fact a dimension of duty or responsibility which serves society or the state
All of the above represent more or less definable forms of society. The dimension from them to C is that of social breakdown, lawlessness, and finally perhaps a return to rule by mother nature.
All of these values relate to society or to individuals and it is how the values are used and relate whether there is any form of state, society, or individual, at all
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