Doubling and Halving Necessitate all Phenomenon as Dynamic

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Doubling and Halving Necessitate all Phenomenon as Dynamic

Post by Eodnhoj7 » Sat May 23, 2020 4:06 pm

The doubling of positives results in a negative as a form of gradation occurs. For example the "reddest red" necessitates there being grades of red where one red is less than another, a deficiency in red occurs.

The doubling of negatives results in a positive as a negation of negation occurs. For example the "voiding of void" necessitates void as self negated into being, a positive state (being) occurs.

The doubling of a phenomena results in its thetical or antithetical element. Double positives results in its antithetical negative, double negatives results in a thetical positive.

The doubling of a phenomena is the simultaneous halving of one phenomena into two where a thetical or antithetical state results isomorphically to the original phenomena. With doubling of a thesis or antithesis comes the corresponding antithesis or thesis.

This isomorphism, or the changing of one phenomena to its opposing symmetrical state, necessitates that in the process of doubling a process of halving occurs. Before there was one phenomena, then the phenomena is halved into two phenomena as the opposing thetical or antithetical state, resulting in two phenomena where each is half of a synthetic whole. In the process of doubling a corresponding halving occurs, in the process of halving a corresponding doubling occurs.

Halving and doubling occur simultaneously where this process necessitates a change in the corresponding synthetic whole. The process of doubling and halving is a process of change, this change is the definition and redefinition of the triadic synthetic portion of the phenomenon where this synthetic portion is both phenomena as a synthetic one. The thesis and antithesis result in a synthesis, this synthesis results in a thesis and antithesis. This change necessitates all phenomena, as synthetic, as dynamic in nature. Doubling and halving, as simultaneous is the origins of the process of change.

This change results in a spiral. This starts as the cycling of the phenomena, through the doubling, and results in an off branching thesis or antithesis. This thesis or antithesis negates, through further doubling into a further thesis or antithesis.

For example the "reddest red" results into a newer color, as not red, such as "blue" and this in turn results in the "bluest blue" which in turn negates to another color, such as "yellow", while returning to its source as red.

Another example, keeping doubling negatives in mind, is the "voiding of void". Void negates itself into being. This being in turn is voided into grades of being. The "greatest being of being" necessitates grades of being, as evidenced in the double positives observed above, but also necessitates a spiral where being is voided into further being. The gradation of being results in a antithetical "deficiency of being", as grades of beings, which is negated through the "deficiency of deficient being", in turn cycles back to "being" itself. The process of double negatives, results in a thesis, which in turn is negated into further thesis' and antithesis.

In each of these ways the phenomena as cycling, through the doubling process, is recycled to its source while manifesting itself in a newer variation. Being progresses in definition through a spiral.

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