All Begins with A Point

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All Begins with A Point

Post by Eodnhoj7 » Tue May 12, 2020 3:36 pm

All begins with a point. The point is formless on its own terms as it is nothing. This is void and is self negating as only being exists.

The void self negates into the form of a line or circle. It negates into a line as It projects In one direction. It negates into a circle as it projects in all directions. This void, in turn negates one form into many. One line Inverts into another line where the point acts as a divisor. One circle inverts into many where this same point acts as a divisor. From these basic forms, of the line and circle, all other forms result.

Void is the inversion of one form into many. We only observe void through the relationship of forms. For example a cup is empty of a liquid. We observe the relationship between the liquid and the cup through the percievably emptiness of the cup. Dually we only observe many lines projecting from one line through the point of intersection which is void as well (considering this intersection is a 0d point).

Void thus negates one being into many beings. The point acts as the potentiality of one form changing into many forms. Void is potential form. This potentiality is the means through which what is actual takes form. The point is potential form.

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