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It is worth mentioning again.
That Society includes the whole natural world and environment.
Logically there are three classes of Society.
Law, order and duty, allied to ego and self-interest, and opposed to freedom and equality, equates to Tyranny or a Servile Society.
Ego and self-interest, allied to freedom and equality, but opposed to law and duty, equates to Anarchism.
Law, order and duty, allied to freedom and equality, but opposed to ego and self-interest, equates to Altruism.
States or societies in different classes generally need to maintain peace and avoid interference, or society itself may disintegrate, above the level of Mother Nature in all its raw beauty.
And those three classes are mutually exclusive and to be kept apart, with each class of society held self-sufficient.
On that basis the whole world can never be a unified society, socially or economically, until it is of the same class. And if that were to be ‘Altruist’ Society, then it would exist from the grass roots upwards as a cooperative and not a mass society of individuals.
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