Is Free Speech Worth Defending?

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Re: Is Free Speech Worth Defending?

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Skepdick wrote: Sun Dec 01, 2019 11:10 pm
uwot wrote: Sun Dec 01, 2019 10:37 pm What more exactly, do you think I need to do to qualify as a "real philosopher"?
Get cited 3000 years after your death?
Ah well, only 600 years till we find out whether Aristotle was a philosopher then.
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Re: Is Free Speech Worth Defending?

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The value of free speech is analogous to the value of a gun. Its value is an expression of the quality of the person using it. Like a gun, free speech can either support or destroy American values and ideals which comprise the American Soul. Those wishing to destroy American values in favor of statist slavery uses free speech and indoctrination by speech to further their aims.

I do believe there is an intentional effort to transform American freedom into government controlled slavery and the control of free speech especially in education where its goal has become the "Dumbing Down of America."

Free speech is a necessity to sustain liberty which was the initial goal of America. Those who manipulate free speech for political gain do more harm than a gun does for the destruction of the human essence.

Anyone aware of the abuse of free speech rampant in both education and the media will be horrified if even only moderately aware of the value of freedom
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