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Modern and Social Engineering

Posted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 9:32 pm
by RWStanding
Modern and Social Engineering
A BBC documentary on LGB teaching at schools raised several questions. Quite apart from what is ‘right or wrong’.
Firstly the terms old and modern are not ethical values, and can justify nothing ethically.
To be modern and more effective for a morally ‘good’ purpose is quite another matter.
Secondly, teaching at school and anywhere else is entirely a matter of social engineering.
Even teaching maths, since it does that as a ‘good’ rather than not teaching the subject as a ‘good’.
To teach that something should be tolerated is to say that it is not ‘bad’ which is social engineering.
Thirdly, if every religion and its attitude to LGB should be tolerated in this country, then this country is divided between different ethical societies. Interreligious schools in that case cannot teach anything with respect to the subject.