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Gl;obalised Ethics

Post by RWStanding » Thu Jun 13, 2019 7:09 am

Globalised Ethics
We still largely treat Ethics as if the values apply to individuals and personal relationships. It served well enough when we all lived locally, and the market place was a place in town.
Today we have technology thrusting globalisation onto us, and blaming us for its outcome. Ethics can no longer be treated purely as of old. People are no longer masters of the market place, the global market is master of us, and ‘demand’ has become an insidious creep of numbers. Ethics today must be made much more corporate involving communities from the local scale up to nations themselves.
Individual demand has become a millstone around our necks, effectively destroying the local market place and the local community. It is essential if we do not simply allow ourselves to become lost in a pseudo-society of ten billion people, that social decisions be made that restricts and even removes global ‘institutions’ or rather corporations. The Market Place of today needs to be based on demand by local communities, or rather on their ethos. The shopping market place is only one obvious part of this, it is the community as a moral entity that is being destroyed. If we continue to measure progress by mass production, profit, and cheapness, then the outcome is predictable.

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