Reith Lectures 3

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Reith Lectures 3

Post by RWStanding » Sun Jun 09, 2019 6:44 am

Reith Lecture 3 June 2019
The speaker at last hit the buffers of ethical-political practicality. It is not presently possible to treat the whole world as a unity while it is in social chaos. Until tyrannies are overthrown, and democracy is not libertine but altruistic, human rights cannot be made universal. Tyrannies do not have rights of any note only duties.
The only sensible international action is by treaty, the UN, and international courts, to maintain national independence. Firstly protecting nations against economic imperialism, cyber attacks, and insidious propaganda, and then obviating the need for defensive war.
Human rights and reciprocal duties are for national legislatures to agree, and for national supreme courts to protect. Even and especially altruist democracies must by definition have the freedom to discuss what constitutes rights and duty, with the courts only concerned with case law.
There are of course levels of civilization, but our world as a whole is at level one. That of the need to promote the rule of law.

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