Spatial Tearing, Modern Baal Worship and Satanic Ritualism

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Spatial Tearing, Modern Baal Worship and Satanic Ritualism

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When dealing with the properties of phenomenon we are fundamentally rooted in basic logic in the base Aristotelian sense of "identity", and its inherent semantic nature, defining the process of empirical phenomenon and their "definitive" qualities as simultaneously a set of semantics in itself; both observing the nature of "definition" as the common bond in which reality is observed.

So using basic logic as the foundational point of this argument:

"There is either truth or not truth".

This "dichotomy" is false when there is either "or" or "not or"; thus necessitating an "or" approach as always resulting in a false statement in turn setting the foundation for contradiction.

"Or" takes on a recursive property of continual divergence, and we are left with a recursive triadic state to knowledge. There is "true" resulting in the "false", "false" as a seperation of the truth as a gradation of it, and "or" that sets the foundation for a state of relation in which one choice is inherently "greater" than another by its very absence of "joining".

Divergence is an ever present absence of commonality and necessitates all knowledge as a process of atomization.

The problem is that while this process of divergence results in contradictory phenomenon which all diverge, the phenomenon itself is in a continual state of "divergence" where their directive properties alone (as they are directed away eachother through divergence) necessitates an inherent "spatial" quality. The perpetual divergence all phenomenon, as contradictory, effectively are reduced to space as a movement towards "void" or "point zero".

Empirical phenomenon are reduced to space. Abstract phenomenon are reduce to space. Thus the divergence of a phenomenon is rooted in the divergence of space. One phenomenon is inherently observed as a set of phenomenon, the divergence results in the unified nature of the phenomena itself (as moving) effectively branching off.

The phenomena becomes offset by an act of divergence as its once unified course is now "out of line":

1) The projection of a course of intellectual action until an "or" choice is made.

2) The movement of a particle until another movement causes it to diverge its course amidst the set of various potential movements.

3) The emotional continuity diverging in the face of some new empathetic state by a change in circumstance.

All observe the mind/body/spirit as fundamentally rooted in a state of "space" by this divergent nature alone; with this offset nature inherent within the "or" dichotomy always resulting an grounding in asymmetry.

Space effectively, through the process of divergence, "tears" in which one space results in multiple spaces. This "tear", observed by the standard logical "or" function, used to semantically qualify all empirical phenomenon when a unified course of action is offset by "choice", results in a state of opposition between phenomenon by contradiction alone. The axioms "A" may diverge to "B" and "C" with the "B" or "C" necessitating a state of "tension" where the course of "A" is offset in light of one choice applied to another.

Contradiction in turn results in asymmetry in not just the contradiction itself as being dualistic and unbalanced, but the "vs." dichotomy stemming from the logical "or" function in which a diversion of any unity's projective nature towards a specific goal or "point" results in a new point or goal of movement separate from the original.

The "change" in direction or one phenomenon to another is a tearing of the phenomenon. Intuitively we can observe this absence of divergence from a path as "integrity", "walking the line", or "the straight and narrow path", with these metaphors representing the nature of morality as being grounded in not just "space" but an inherent unity of purpose as its own structure where "the means are the ends". The phenomena as meaningful, as the phenomena is identified by the path it takes, connects itself to the question of identity and a more intimate in a more intimate manner where concepts such as "integrity" observe a sense of "quality" in which the subject-object dichtomy is erased as the person is the phenomenon of measurement itself because of the road of judgement he or she effectively carves out. The tearing of the self from the self, a tearing of quality from quality as the road one walks is the person themselves, necessitates an inherent nature where consciousness itself is "the phenomenon".

Space effectively is torn, as the phenomena itself as spatial is torn. This can be observed in the Apocalyptic Myths, during times of great evil, always mirroring a "tearing of the sky" or "burning away (a form of quantum tearing)" that represents not just a physical reality but the nature of the psyches ability to comprehend the infinite and always reducing a quality of Divinity (such as the boundless sky, or the cycles of natural law) to basic spatial axioms.

The nature of trauma to the Divine nature of the "infinite" in turn is reflected back to the individual self, whose characteristic measuring concepts through the faculties of reason and intuition are premised in "infinity", when a lack of integration between the ego and the divine aspect of the self results in a tearing or tension of the individual. This occurs at the individual level, the group level, and the individual and group level.

This can be reflected within the commonly observed notion of "trauma" or "satanic ritualism" where a person is subject to deep mental, sexual, physical trauma, by the self and other's, causing a perceived state of "identity" to fracture and reform into multiple personalities resulting from the divergent split of consciousness. Multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, bi-polarity in emotional behavior represent qualitative symptoms of this process as well as certain "sub-personalities" within an individual that appear within the course of a specific context of time and action. Intuitively this represents itself under a sense of inability to measure value, conducive to a state of "worthlessness" in how reality and the self are percieved, thus resulting in a synonymous state of "guilt as worthless" through "sin as separation".

The term "satanic" can be observed as synonymous to pure "ego" or "irrational will" founded upon a triadic state of motivation in Pride/Vanity, Lust/Greed, Rage/Despair in which the "ego" itself effectively takes on the role of "applying measurements" to reality. Each of these three vices in turn observes an absense of structural boundaries, respectively, where:

1. Pride is an elevation of the self and the lowering of others, with "elevation/lowering" necessitating a sense of tearing away from reality.

2. Lust as an pulling away of the self towards the object of desire, with "pulling" necessitating a sense of tearing away from reality.

3. Rage as a pushing of the self towards the object of desire, with "pushing" necessitating a sense of tearing away from reality.

All three, by there vary nature are defined in terms of spatial axioms; "elevation" "lowering" "pulling" "pushing" in which a sense of disunity occurs through the act of the ego. The ego, in turn, exists as an unstable force due to its irrational nature, as the act of elevation causes the contradiction of lowering, lowering the contradiction of elevating, pushing the contradiction of pulling, and pulling the contradiction of pushing. The ego effectively exists as an assymetric nature in and of itself resulting in an inherent tearing of various facets of identity; which all identity existing as structure. This "progressive" quality of the ego; necessitates it by its very nature as a movement towards nothingness.

"Deep" knowledge, as the simultaneous contradiction of contradictory states (such as elevation/lower and pushing/pulling of the self) effectively occurs as a form of Ego divinition resulting in irrational sects such as "Gnosticism" that pits man against creator and maintains its grounding in materialism as the foundation of truth and the measuring stick of reality. "The material world is right, but it is disorder, hence the creator is disorder" is this foundational axiom that sets a subconscious process of measuring as strictly divergent in nature within the individual. The material world, as contradictory, in turn when idolized as the foundation of knowledge leads to contradictory reasoning premised on the very divergent and entropic processes we understand occuring as the material process itself. Thus with societies increasing in material wealth, comes certain subjective and relativistic movements premised in Gnosticism where certain occult practices such as spiritism in the 1800's correspond with the materialistic measuring standard of the industrial revolution.

This movement of the psyche, under terms of the ego in this case, gives premise to the ritual in a neutral sense of the term.

The term "ritual" can be observed as synonymous to "perspective measurement" in which a course of action effectively cause a state of change in perspective where awareness is altered and how one percieves reality, and therefore "measures it", in turn is measured in accords and changed. The psyche is fractured, and the corresponding reality through which the psyche moves in turn is fractured.

This process of asymmetric divergence, under the term "satanic ritualism", can be further observed synonymous under the terms "ego ritual" in which certain actions in the:

1. Jungian psychological perspective results in the formation of further shadow personalities not fully integrated within the individual.

2. Freudian psychological perspective results in an inability to integrate sexuality in a creative manner in either personality or the the literal act itself resulting in a state of stagnation.

3. Frankl's psychological perspective in an inability to ground chaotic circumstances in a framework of interpretation as a state of "meaninglessness".

These three symmetrical psychology schools, are founded in an inherent aspect of "joining" and any dissolution of this "joining" process results in a consciousness state of "darkness" where the ability to exist in a simple undivided state of awareness results in the fragmentation of the individual in which "void" exists as the unactualized state of being where unobserved "potential" is created as a barrier to any holistic state.

The "Black Mass" of satanism, and its inversion of Eucharistic Adoration (the Joining of God to Man through the bread as the culmination of natural law in which God exists and meets man) mirrors a lack of integration in the Jungian Perspective of the Creator and the "shadow" as "man".

Spirit Cooking, and its inversion of basic bodily fluids of blood, semen and breast milk into a stew which is "consumed", mirrors a lack of integration in the Freudian Perspective of the Vital nature of man which connect man to the Creator through their creative properties.

Ritual Murder/Rape, and its inversion of the human condition as one of "man as measuring" and "man as meaningful" into one of meaningless, mirrors a lack of integration in Frankl's perspective of "Man as Divine Measure through the application of Meaning to Chaos" as strictly a self-consuming ourboros reflective of the serpent in the Garden pitting man against himself through the first "question" resulting in a state of seperation in the psyche.

The ritualism, premised in a prospect of "divergence", is an exhibition of brute force through "choice" in which the "ego/shadow" of the observer or outside observer applies a deep state of stress resulting in a contradictory state of being within the individual(s). "A will to power" in the neitzchian sense in which the ego is set as the foundation of measurement, results in a continual "relativity" by contradiction alone. The "ego" as a subjective state of self having little in common with its surrounding environment, in turn takes the objective commonly sensed nature of reality and divides it in accords to its own self as the boundary of measurement.

In simpler terms, the ego in the face of objective reality in turn tears this objective reality in accords to its relative existence in the time and space through which it exists.

This change in consciousness results an inherent change of the phenomenon through which the psyche moves, as the nature of identity is grounded in recursive and isomorphic properties that effectively necessitate "identity" as being a process of "reflection". In simpler terms the consciousness is defined in accords to and by the very things it both repeats and inverts through cycles.

A habit may be recursively (repeated) to form the boundaries in which an individual acts within a given measurement of time. The same occurs to thoughts and feelings. Dually the habit may be inverted into an antithetical state by isomorphism in which high activity is alternated to correspondingly similar very low activity (with the similarity determined by the extremes). The same occurs to thoughts and feelings as well.

This reflective property of "identity"; necessitates all identity as having spatial characteristics where "structure of the self" results by frameworks determined by "judgements" that determine the identity of the individual and the individual's relations and movements through society and the corresponding atmosphere they live in. The qualities of definition alone and there inherent connective nature, in turn necessitates "reflection" as having an inherent moral element by necessitating an observation of certain "common qualities" intuitively observed as a state of "empathy". On property is repeated into another, with the common quality repeated effectively existing as connected by its similarity alone.

With the absence of "reflection", a foundational quality of the human condition observed by the Socratic as well as the religious meditative practices of a variety of religions, observes a disintegration of unity and the ability to observe any "commonality" within the fragments aspects of the self and the multiple "selves" of the environment. This necessitates a group "stupidity" premised on the inability to find any common median; thus correspondingly to a decrease in an empathetic state necessary for any "objective" approach to occur by a unification of subjective states in agreement.

"Ba is the Spark of Divinity which enters into, and resides within, matter. Therefore, Ba is incarnated spirit (See: Ba and Ka). Spirit, in its unencumbered state, is eternal, infinite and free. This is metaphorically expressed by us when we refer to someone as being a "free spirit". Once spirit enters matter, it becomes imprisoned within the object it occupies for some period of time. During this period of time, spirit longs to once again be free. Al (also pronounced and written as El) is the ancient name of Divinity, or God. Al, or El, refers to The One...The Eternal Unity...The Eternal Constant...The Source." ... ymbol.html

The modern technocratic state, and its synonymous rise with polytheism, can be observed as an institutionalized form of pre-socratic "Baal" worship where "Baal" as a "fertility god", reflects an aspect of the psyche conducive to the "ego" as point zero where reality effectively is torn apart by "ego" as where the ego exists as not just the grounds of measurement but the state in which the structure grows from.

Thus we see and inherent "divinization of matter" resulting in the materialization of the "One", effectively atomizing it in which civilization as rooted in a projection of the self above nature, rather than a stewardship with it, sets the dichotomy of the technocratic state as a war against natural law and divine law in turn.

This sets the foundation for a materialistic priest class and its idolization, if not divination, of empiricism into an asymmetric perspective grounded in a idolization of Aristotelian identity properties stemming back to historically to Alexander the Great and the Babylonian-type Macedonian empire Aristotle was familiar in depth with and subconsciously was most likely influenced by.

The "Divine Image of Reason" or "Divine Spark" is idolized over the source of Divinity, the Logos, observing a process of divergence inherent within the nature of idol worship. The compartmentalization of the modern word, where one aspect of reality is separated from another, is the modern equivalent to idolatry where each facet of "The One" is inverted as a simple approximate image into an ends in and of itself.

Movies, or rather fake footage, such as:

project the intuitive future of an ego driven future of mastery over natural law rather than an inherent steward-like joining with it. The fractory state of technology effectively sets itself as metaphorical alter in which the human condition of self-reflection, human relations and "work" are compartmentalized and separated into opposing pockets by the eradication of the human condition by an absence of "quality". The standard "shut up and calculate" mentality of modern scientific academia, founded on the idolization of "finiteness" connected to the material nature of the same qualities idolized, can be observed as an attempt to prove contradiction in the infinite by the division of the infinite as a meaningless concept in and of itself.

All of this stemming from a simple "or" statement in determining the nature of reality, leading to the false philosophical question of "x vs. y" reminiscent in the ritualization of sports as an spiritual median of the masses, the nature of determining categories within reasoning, and the general dichotomous nature of left-right politics mirroring itself in the MRA and Feminist movements.

The contradiction of this contradiction, is that in the tearing of space irrevocably comes a self-defeating creating of space where the divergence qualities of the phenomena as "space" effectively "join" by there inherent tension to create further "space"; hence phenomenon. For example the tearing apart of a phenomenon by fire results in the phenomena as distributed in an "ash" or "fertilizer" through which other phenomena not just take root but effectively join this atomized state into a further state of "being".

The burning of wood, for example, through the divergence of the "tree" results in the soil through which the corn not just "grows" but integrates the now atomized tree into a fuller more active state of identity. The same occurs with political movements synthesizing into further political movements or the fracturing of the individual setting the state for the reintegration into a new identity.

In more primitive terms, the division of one point of space into two opposing points of space results in an infinite number of points connecting them as One.

At a more obvious level, polytheism dissolves itself into a holism and the fracturing of "quality" through the technocratic state results in it setting itself as the soil for a future "quality of governance" in the future.

Space effectively, when torn, results in the creation of order as the tearing of space occurs through space itself; thus negating the meaningless quality of "tearing" on its own terms into one of "meaning". Contradiction, and divergence, effectively as self-defeating when faced with the premise of "space as order" premised in the inherent limits which form all phenomenon as fundamentally grounded in space.
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