All of Philosophy was Predetermined; Man as Cause Through the Logos

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All of Philosophy was Predetermined; Man as Cause Through the Logos

Post by Eodnhoj7 » Fri Feb 08, 2019 12:06 am

All philosophical schools are premised in a form of determinism due to the inherent branching of there base axioms replicating certain laws within nature.

A long list of schools, with the rise of one school causing an equal antithetical element to equally climb to a general status within the culture is irrelevant due to its axiomatic nature.

The long discourse of philosophical speculation, primarily in the west but existing within the east, fails to take into account that this is a deterministic form in and of itself fundamentally determined the nature of philosophy as inseparable from the base movements within the same question of being its seeks to define.

The branching quality, fundamentally rooted in both the basic angle and wave function, shares a congruencing to various innumerable qualities in nature such as tree, river, cracks in a rock, the veins and nerves in an organism (as well as there dispersion of genetic qualities), and a variety of other examples.

This lends itself the a deeply problematic nature to the quality of not just modern philosophy but the past two thousand years of this causal chain of perceptual events within the psyche and through it.

An inherent avoidance of the integration of form/function by separating it into a subject object dichotomy causes an inherent inability for integration at the practical, spiritual and intellectual level thus resulting in not just it's own self sustained death cycle, but a mirroring of the human condition as fundamentally in a state of disintegration evidenced by a false sense of quality in relation between the same subjects and subjects, object and objects, and subjects and objects it paradoxically defines.

This evidence can be observed in the general dark chaotic nature of the times resonating through various facts of society, which in turn resonates with these laws of branching, whether it be with the break down of personal identities, families, employments, or religious and governmental structures. This death force, a sense of unactualized mass from which the general person seeks to separate themselves from in thought, feeling or action, exists as a nihilistic dark night of the collective zeitgeist setting the foundations for an apocalyptic event to occur.

And it does set the foundation for an apocalyptic event, as this apocalypse by it's very nature is rooted in a revealing of identity and thus founded in an act of veiling. The question of what matters is inversely separated from "meaning" by materialism alone where the obsession with physical questions such as black holes, dark matter, growing occult ritualism, egoism, space exploration into the void of the unknown and increasing nihilism is a projective condition of awareness with how man views not just himself but the world around him.

And yet this division is by itself deterministic according to the base forms/functions which have determined philosophy for the past several thousand years. Thus by the law of movement alone, all these ideological, religious and philosophical foundations are predetermined to cave in and negate themselves into a flat unorntate state of affairs as all rivers branch into an ocean, all trees return to the dirt, all blood vessels and nerves end up in musculature.

The question of progress becomes self defeating in these regards when placed next to the question of "origin", a term which philosophy effectively multiplied and is destined to return to in it's most primitive fashion. Progress is rooted in a law of self annihilation where roots pur over turned, thus reflected in the death drive of a modern culture driven by a mass of ego alone. The paradox occurs in that philosophy must progress. Progress past it's current roots. Progress to fundamentally separate itself from a way of an increasingly obscure way of life which contains not quality of lucidity or order, let alone "quality".

Computer programmers are the new rhetoriticians of the day, carving out how we manage time through the stringing together of symbols by code meant to sway the masses under social media or a light show of spectacles that equate to a mass hypnosis of the human faculty of reflection. They convince themselves and others "you will die with out us" much like the Aztec priest class did during its ritual sacrifices meant to sway the people into believing they controlled the heavens.

The only difference is that we today commit a much graver human sacrifice, one of the soul and it quests for not just "meaning", a sense of personal and interpersonal equilibrium, or freedom from pain and reason itself is being sacrifice under the negation of the one truly socratic quality of the human spirit: to reflect.

But this reflection, of which man has an inherently divine status in, is in itself the law of determinism as it necessitates a sense of unity and empathy where common patterns are merely extensions of each other under the "One" or "Logos". This ability to deduce the deductive, indicate the inductive, abduct the abductive observes man as not only a prime cause in and of him or her self but fundamentally a mirror image of the Logo because of this "quality" alone.

To separate and connect, converge and diverge fundamentally the elements themselves is to fundamentally form time in such a manner where man not only replicates these forms/function of space which give origin to determinism but effectively takes part in them himself, effectively necessitating philosophy as much as a field of knowledge but a walk towards divinity with divinity.

This all in accords with the simple law of branching and wave movements observes by law a set of predetermined state within reality as reality itself.

Philosophy should return to the question of quality, as it is the only knowledge that has any quality too it everything else is just number crunching...or rather just crunching.

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