Dualism of Integration and disintegration.

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Dualism of Integration and disintegration.

Post by Eodnhoj7 » Wed Jan 23, 2019 11:55 pm

The dualism of integration and disintegration.

1. The nature of integration is the joining/converging of opposites into a unified phenomena.

2. The nature of disintegration is the seperating/divergence of unity in opposing/opposite phenomenon.

3. This dichotomy is premised on unity and order and multiplicity and chaos moving through a cyclical state where:

A. A continual process of unity to chaos to unity observes a continual sense of variation through the inherent unity that continually manifests itself as new in time synonymous to a beginning point.

B. A continual process of chaos to unity to chaos observes a continual sense of variation through the inherent multiplicity that continual manifests itself as old in time synonymous to an end point

C. This circularity exists as a triadic state of integration and dissentegration where movement exists as simultaneously both. Circularity leads to a form of variation.

This dualism manifests itself across various aspects of reality ranging from:

1. The internal angel/devil or consciousness/unconsciousness dichotomy resulting in a variation in perspective or consciousness.

2. The basic thetical/antithetical nature of logical argument and reason resulting in variations of argument and reason.

3. The basic Male/Female nature of reproduction resulting in variations of organic species.

4. Ethical qualities such as virtue and vice resulting in variations of actions and means of being.

5. Abstraction and Materiality resulting in the variation of phenomenon.

6. Being and Non-being observed in various other phenomenon encapsulated through the dualism resulting in variations of reality.

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