The Dark Nature of Idealism

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The Dark Nature of Idealism

Post by Eodnhoj7 » Tue Jan 22, 2019 10:54 pm

We are built upon the foundations of our fathers...there is no doubt that their ideas formed the world in which we live. And that is the problem, "their" ideas formed the world in which we live.

I mean let's face the obvious truth, the world is formed upon "idea", to argue against this still requires an idea.

The hedon and the idealist both face this dilemma. They form a perspective, a system of reasoning, based off of the intensity of some experience (internal or external) and then they fashion the world in accords to that idea.

They felt "timelessness" for a moment, and that set the standard for their course of action, thus bending time and space (even through a simple stroke of the hammer) trying to replicate it.

That "idea", something we can only touch loosely in the creation of our own hands.

And what are these ideas? They are but drops forming the ocean we deal with today. We see how they played out in accords to the world today.

Most of us are cold and empty inside, jumping about for some scrap of warmth as we lift our hearts and minds to the stars raging at them trying to carve out order through a simple question. People are already dead, age is just a number mean to give ratios to the movements that define our lives.

We have instant communication to post cat videos and pictures of ourselves intended to send us in a cathartic narcissism, which is kind of ironic considering cat videos, an animal which does what it wants and cares only for itself, represents an archetype of the narcissistic state and was the common "pet" of lonely egyptian royal towards their downfall as an empire...due to pride.

Modern social media is just a replication of the narcissus myth where we fashion a sea of glass instead of staring into a simple stream. Not that this really matters considering the nature of social media is strictly just a heraclitian type of river fashioned in accords to our own wills...and what is the will of man really?

We take one mystery, that of "Divinity" and degradate it to that of the "self".

I mean it really is fitting though, the narcissus myth, as it is premised fundamentally on masturbatory self-pleasure. He ends up marrying his twin sister in the end, which ironically gives a new sense of irony to Nietzche's projection and his romance with his sister. Take that thought, expand it to a generation of self-pleasuring millennials preening their egos and we get a deep love for darkness.

Walk into a store, look at the books. Turn on the t.v.'s and look at the titles. See how often you see the word's "dark" and "sexy" as it represents some deep unconscious state where a universal zietgeist begs to return to some form of primal origin...the void. We live in a time where "death" is deified, and desolation is the moral norm as some form of birth control of the soul. Progress is strictly a universal oedipul drive into oblivion where "matter" becomes the universal "mother".

It is just a roaring ocean of desires, fulfilled...unfulfilled, crashing like a storm inside of his heart giving foundation to some mania that electrifies it's very being. People are enamored by what is "bright and shiny"...electrify them and the soul is pulled apart at its foundations giving birth to raw untapped force.

I mean that what is really is founded on isn't it? Division. Contradiction. A tension between what is owned and what is not owned. What is possessed and what is not possessed. What is understood and what is not understood.

We can travel anywhere we will...but travel to "where" exactly? A man is stuck with himself regardless of where he goes. He may say to himself "what beauty..." as he stares at some grand peace of architecture or a woman of exotic characteristics...and this he constitutes as "knowledge".

So he let's these memories imprint themselves in him, thinking some form of identity will be given to him, but these memories are strictly a path cut by the perpetual fire of time. The deeper time sears itself the deeper man believes he has found some underlying truth because of an intensity of pain...the only thing self-evident to all people...loss. And all of this ties itself into sacrifice doesn't it?

People travel...people continually "look"...because they have no clue who they are. They don't want to, because it would require some sense of crucifixion and humiliation.

If "experience" is founded then some sense of identity occurs...a sense of "self-hood" which acts as a weight around the neck or some "crown" on the head.

We live in a time of perpetual victimhood because of our obsession with time is strictly a deep in-rooted masochistic tendency. All of this founded upon an unconscious desire for self-annihilation where people feel guilt over innocence.

Look at a child. The child does what a child does. As he or she gets older they start measuring out time, trying to put together movements that will somehow give them an identity. And why? Because a child learns it is not good if enough until broken apart again and again until it is refashioned into some new...whatever. Which is fine, mind you, until a little problem occurs:

The problem occurs that no one really knows what an identity is. It is just a box...a womb, that gives some sense of self-pleasuring security and hence we cycle back to the narcissus myth.

If everything goes to "black" then we go back into the womb unaware and unknowing. And that is the great irony, people look at the flame of movements on social media, meant to stoke and give warmth to some false sense of self. And like all fires it has to be they chop themselves up into images and burn them hoping the smoke rises and pleases the public. It is a communally agreed upon self-immolation, reminiscent of child sacrifice to the ancient storm-god Baal, where innocence and virginity is burnt away to help people forget what they lack and send the psyche into a state of ignorance. If we kill our innocence.

We can pull knowledge from the empty space of the internet in seconds...and lose it in seconds. Social media is just a perpetual fire we all stare into and worship like our ancestors. Knowledge does little unless it is fed. And we feed it by chopping up all everything we see and know. Atomism, Deductivity, Social Status...all applications of a scalpel meant to dissect reality.

We have democries all over the world...but Democracy is where the stomach and the dick take hold of the rational faculties. People know what they want until they get it, then curse fate when want is fulfilled. And they curse fate, because like "want", it leaves us in a state of helpless chaos. Desire is a cruel and fickle lover, one that is founded in a perpetual dance of opposition between man's true self and his shadow. It is the complete opposite of any form of marital like synthetic joining.

The millennial are a generation of cynics, but even cynicism dies when staring into it. Look at the cynic. He "thrives" on the annihilation of some materialistic extreme. We don't see cynics in any other environment but one of excess. Look at the history of Diogenes or the gen "x"er's. They are strictly polarized processes their environment gave birth too. One extreme risen to counter another. With the "light" of material excess comes a rising of the darkness of the psyche. They are grounded in division and the pulling apart of every phenomenon that constitutes perceivable reality.

People sacrifice no matter what they do, every "movement" is strictly a loss of the self into a perpetually unfolding reality. Even this very small conversation, results in some form of change that will lead to other change. Some sense of "self-hood" unfolds, briefly grows, and dies like wheat in a field only to set the seeds for further change.

This is our "sacrifice" our worship.

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