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A positive mindset/attitude

Post by meobeou » Fri Jan 18, 2019 5:44 am

Many people would tell you that, if you want your life to have good value, joy, beauty, love, and worth, to have a positive mindset where you believe that your life is good, beautiful, joyful, loving, and worth living. But it was never about the mindsets (our ways of thinking) themselves because they, themselves, do not actually give our lives any real good value, bad value, or worth. This is because having a positive or negative mindset is not any real positive or negative quality and, thus, no real good or bad value in your life. It would be no different than water.

Water is an actual quality and having the belief/mindset that you have it in your life would not give you any real water. In order to have water in your life, then you need actual water. With this being said, what would be the real positive and negative quality? It would be our positive and negative emotions. Positive emotions would be biochemical induced states such as a feeling of excitement or joy from getting a new movie or a feeling of love.

Negative emotions would be something such as a feeling of despair, anger, sadness, or misery. Again, mindsets themselves are not the same thing as emotions. If you struggled with depression or misery, then just thinking to yourself that you are having a positive emotional state such as feeling excited to go to the carnival would not give you any real excitement. That is, thinking and believing you are excited is not the same thing as actually being excited.

The same idea applies to having good and bad value in our lives. The positive and negative qualities (our positive and negative emotions) would be qualities of good and bad. So, if you wanted your life to have the greatest good value, then you would need to be in the most blissful state of your life. Likewise, if you wanted your life to have the worst value, then you would need to be in the worst negative emotional state of your life.

But who would want their lives to be the worst? I know I wouldn't. With all of this being said, even though positive and negative emotions are the only real good and bad in our lives, making wise decisions should still not be dismissed. For example, during my worst miserable moments, I have still chosen to get the help I needed. Likewise, during my most blissful moments, I have chosen to not do anything reckless.

I think only stupid people would use this whole idea of our emotions being the real good and bad as a means to do reckless and harmful things to themselves and/or others around them. One last thing here and this is an important question. Isn't everything I have just said here something we already know for a scientific fact? Wouldn't the qualities of good and bad have to be a scientific definition of good and bad?

Furthermore, wouldn't this also mean that all those famous and genius artists out there who have struggled with misery, depression, and despair had no real good value, worth, and beauty in their lives through creating their works of art regardless of what they believed otherwise? They would need at least a small degree of positive emotions mixed in with their misery to give them some good values in their lives.

If that is so, then positive emotions are the only way to live and they are the only way to be an artist since they are the only things that can truly make our lives and artistic endeavors good, beautiful, and worth living for. My own personal experience supports this quite well. I have struggled for 10 years with the worst misery and hopelessness induced by stressful life events and obsessive thinking. They were the worst negative emotional states of my life.

During that whole entire time, not a single moment was any real good value, beauty, joy, or worth in my life regardless of the fact that I believed certain things still had those said values such as the idea of getting the help I needed. After all, me getting the help I needed to regain my positive emotions would certainly be a good and beautiful thing for a hedonist such as myself. But the fact that there was no real good values in my life at all supports this whole idea I've just talked about.

But the moment I have fully recovered from such miserable states was the moment all of the good values were, in a way, magically brought back into my life again which supports the idea that there is something more that gives our lives good value than our mindsets. It would have to be the good quality (my positive emotions) being restored back into my life again.

It was like I was someone deprived of the sacred water of goodness I needed in my life and personally defining it to be there didn't work for me since it wasn't the real sacred water. It is only once I have fully recovered that this sacred water, metaphorically speaking, has returned back into my life again. It was like there was something blocking the flow of it in my life which created a drought. Recovering was like getting rid of that blockage and, thus, allowing the flow of this sacred water back into my life again.


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