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Empathy and Ego
However animal-human feelings evolved, they must be a basis for ethical-political values, as advised by the rational mind. Defining the way both individuals, and polities relate together, but distinct from culture except as the possession of culture is a value. The possession of empathy-sympathy, its absence, its contradiction or suppression, predicting the way people and societies or polities behave. Nevertheless, those who are deficient in empathy may yet understand it on a rational basis in the way it works, although they will be inclined to use it for their own benefit.
Values as derived and presently understood when considered in combination and as a whole, point society in several directions, but have nothing direct to say about particular material goods.
1: Empathy-sympathy gives rise to altruism or social responsibility.
2: Apathy to egotistical individualism.
3; Aversion to a servile society.
4; Antagonism to all values of a stable society gives rise to lawlessness and chaos.
These forms of society are therefore linked and defined by various sets of elementary values, of which the most obvious is:
1 - 2: Freedom. [Equality et al]
2 - 3: Ego
3 - 1: Duty-Responsibility. [Diversity et al]
'Altruism' therefore is not what we wish it to be or fashion dictates, but what it logically is in contrast to the other general conditions of society and societies.
Equality, as a basic value, has no intrinsic meaning beyond the self-evident of an indefinite equivalence between people and between polities.
It may be observed that ethical fashion today, if chaos is avoided, is so much in favour of ill defined Individualism and of Globalisation, that eventually a stultifying unity of culture, ethnicity, and fashion will result. And census returns in which sex is homogenized.


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