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Post by RWStanding » Wed Jan 16, 2019 8:13 pm

God is a term that can mean the reason for existence.
But if it is held to mean something that causes or creates the universe then it needs a reason for how it exists.
What then needs explanation is why anything exists and that includes space and time.
Rationally we must start with the absurdity of absolute nothingness.
Much as the point from which the Big Bang is said to have originated.
Absolute nothingness would appear to be absurd, and primordial values must therefore be assumed.
At least three primordial values are needed to make a meaningful set of relationships.
These values may be postulated as Energy, Space and Time.
Such that Energy and Space may signify Mass – and so forth with the other pairs.
At a primordial level everything will relate to or be aware of or conscious of everything else.

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