Rhetoric of Homonyms

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Rhetoric of Homonyms

Post by RWStanding » Fri May 25, 2018 7:00 am

Rhetoric of Homonyms
Some words as spelt are exactly the same in pronunciation. This forms the basis of much confused and dangerous rhetoric.
Faith, and faith, are quite distinctly two terms but, more often than not conflated.
The term, Faith, tends to be employed as denoting a religion, or system of belief, that is bigoted.
On the other hand, faith, is an ethical value of some great importance. This kind of faith relates to the world external to ourselves, and most particularly other people. An altruistic value.
Where there is no such faith, people are inward looking and society based on personal autonomy.
Religion, as Faith, implies bigotry and the servile or authoritarian society.
Where religion can be doubted and debated, it has more in keeping with the rational philosophy of altruism.
Religious people do themselves a disservice by continuing to use the term Faith as synonymous with religion.

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