Black Scientism Must be Destroyed!

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Black Scientism Must be Destroyed!

Post by Troll » Tue Apr 24, 2018 11:14 pm

The shadow body of Scientism should be destroyed. I don't call it an ideology, since that would imply it were, in part, rational. Ideology is a specific account of facts, essentially irrational, but appealing to some persons. Yet, can anyone believe that a representative of Scientism is capable to tell anyone what is in their interest or what a sound norm of behavior is? Even at the level of the style of an ideology such as Marxism, Progressivism, or Liberalism? Scientism, in all its forms, is simply a collection of vacant bunkum with the false appearance of a connection to the sciences. The representatives of these sects can hardly even speak, they are wholly unable to defend their nonsensical so-called opinions, which they don't understand themselves. They produce, in nuisancing droves, fatuous slogans, false references to logic which they have no knowledge of, and as soon as one raises a serious objection, they precede to actively attack the outsider heretic with the title "psychotic", or, go silent. In this they inoculate their leprous sect against the need to take the trouble to make arguments. At once they have petty insults at hand like cudgels. In naming others as psychotic, all they do is degrade the notion of the psychotic, so that it means, not following the dogma or vapid propaganda of the Brights, or some other branch of Scientism, i.e., a being outside the Ummah, the religious claque, in the realm of the non-normal.

What is the etiology of this vapid hoard, which is the king of the ersatz Christianities, not even hypocritical because they don't say anything? What is the meaning of the existence of such forms in society? It is true that the vulgar compulsory education in most parts of the world promote it to a point, but it is more to do, is it not, with the absence of any rational statement from any quarter? A rational statement is a prescription of an ideal that can be absolutely given and joyfully adhered to, by all. It is not positive law which coerces. It is not insults from a petty claque of uneducated and unlettered mutes with no ability to persuade anyone to their non-views. Why does this mediocre age exist!

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