The Devolution of the Socratic Method

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The Devolution of the Socratic Method

Post by Nick_A » Tue Apr 24, 2018 2:48 am

It does seem that at one time it was easier to acquire the humility to admit that we don’t understand and welcome the transition from intellectual analysis into conscious contemplation in matter of universals inviting the experience of intuition. The purpose of the Socratic method seems to have devolved into a dialogue. Its goal has changed from profiting from ones ignorance into glorifying the exchange of educated opinions with the goal of mutual self justification. ... u-marinoff
1. What is a Socratic Dialogue?

Socratic dialogue is a formal method by which a small group (5-15 people), guided by a facilitator, finds a precise answer to a universal question (e.g. "What is happiness?", "What is integrity?", "Can conflict be fruitful?", etc.). Socratic dialogue is not to be confused with the so-called Socratic (or elenchic) method, developed in Plato's writings, by which Socrates often helped people discover contradictions in their attempted definitions of universals. By contrast, Socratic dialogue helps a group to discover what something is, as opposed to what it isn't.
Hide those damned contradictions. They get in the way of self justification. Who did Socrates think he was to come up with a method to reveal what we don’t know about universals. This is really too insulting for modern educated Man. The new method must take the place of the old in all universities to establish the superiority of arguing opinions to determine what is as opposed to contemplating what we don’t know. More money for education will rectify the problem.

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