Un-united Nations

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Un-united Nations

Post by RWStanding » Sun Mar 18, 2018 1:54 pm

Ununited Nations
Society, countries, states, are in different ethical-political classes. If the United Nations does not recognise this then we will have the world we have got.
As matters stand, international law can only sensibly operate at a quite basic level of common interest. That is as for a world that needs to be protected from outright chaos. Trying to ensure that armed conflict is minimised, but with the more outrageous acts of government dealt with by force where necessary – this assumes the majority of the world is at least altruist in self-deceit.
Above that level, it is only the altruist style of democracy for which human rights can be recognised as in operation. Altruist democracies form a class of society that must cooperate for mutual good, as this may be understood. [The genome belongs to mankind and not to commerce]. They must also cooperate to hold other classes of society, or state, at bay, and this will have consequences for their people that altruists will baulk at – as already and ever is the case.
Democracy is a vague category. It may be related to that popular value of Freedom. But Freedom has no meaning until it is related to and qualified by another value. An individual with his ego may become a tyrant.
An individual with a sense of duty may become a serf. If we would all be free together, then the ego will take us one way, while responsible empathy will take us another way. A tyranny of course, is a society that has no corporate freedom or equality. It has duty and a corporate ego.

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