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Re: Infanticide

Post by SpheresOfBalance » Sun Mar 25, 2018 4:08 am

Nick_A wrote:
Sun Mar 25, 2018 12:05 am
But still the composition of the brain is the master of all bodily functions.
This is simply not true. The spinal column handles its own unique bodily functions like reflex reactions.
Incorrect! The brain is the major processing unit of the nervous system. Major/master, take your pick?

I agree. Animal Man like other animals can be conditioned to react in different ways.

It's not so much a calculated conditioning by any specific entity, as it is an environmental conditioning. But then should it really be called conditioning in that case? No! As along with environment there is the thinking of the animal as it encounters it's particular environmental inputs, as it finds it's own particular path through the environmental maze. Dependant on particular inputs, their intensity, their sequence, the presence, or not, of informing prerequisites, there are those that are relatively ignorant, oft running in fear, a more erratic course; those that are more understanding, thus commanding their fear, thus a more directed course.
This is like the old joke: why did the chicken cross the road? Answer, to get to the other side.

You can mention all sorts of inputs and outputs but the bottom line is that the chicken crossed the road as a natural reaction to environmental conditions created by universal laws. It is the same with animal Man
You probably are much like a chicken!

You as natural man prefer to remain a conditioned animal reacting in accordance with natural universal laws following the cycles of nature defining this as progress.

Incorrect! At least I as a natural human look at the truth of the universe, the truth of the animal man, thus steeped in realism, I create idealism, informed by the truths of the universe I see a more productive way for all life to know equality, equilibrium. I see the spheres of influence as they should balance, I see the spheresofbalance, devoid of selfishness, devoid of me, me, me only ever us, us, us; we, we, we. I see the truth of the symbiotic biosphere, the spheres that balance the micro and the macro, both molecular and cosmological, with the hemispheres smack dab in between. I'm conditioned by the universe, by no mere mortal! Have I used the teachings of mere mortals, sure, their discoveries, their observations, of course all tested by my observations, so as to understand which are simply human fancies, and which are in fact the absolute truth of the universe, as that's all that matters, "the absolute truth of things." The largest puzzle of them all, the complete picture, which can only be seen with the inclusion of all human academic studies, against the backdrop of what it is to actually be a human of this universe. As the human fears lay bare for me to see. Without psychology there is no philosophy! And without 'all' philosophies children, there is no correct philosophy!
This reads like an Oprahism.
Who's Oprah? It would seem that you believe you know both them and me well enough to say such. Though I doubt you know them as well as you seem to believe, that is if your not understanding me, is any sort of indication.

You have no idea how far you are from the “absolute truth of the universe.”
It's plural, not singular! And of course I only know those that I do, though I'm obviously way ahead of you.

With just a little humility you may appreciate why everything is as it is.
I do, it's only those that posit Infanticide as being a viable option, that obviously don't.

Without this foundation everything you wish for humanity is impossible and only good for perpetual arguments.
My foundation is solid, I've sacrificed my life, so that the masses of free peoples may live, I've saved a drowning woman that I didn't even like, because she needed saving. This is not braggadocio, rather simply fact. Words and actions can inspire, causing change, but then I don't expect one such as you to understand. You that would see that killing innocence is a viable option. You that have become that thing that you fear. You couldn't be more confused!

Some are drawn to spiritual man capable of consciousness and not be just restricted to mechanical reaction but become capable of conscious action.

In this statement, "you're out of your fucking tree!" You're saying that because you can imagine it, it's necessarily true. Enter the topic of this thread. You're merely an archaic monkey, that attempts to sell this threads topic as something real and meaningful, instead of the warpedness that it so obviously is, as with it, you cannot necessarily speak, ever. Which might have been a good thing.
What happened to all the balance and wonderfulness?
First, it's a pseudonym, that happens to be a philosophical observation, nothing to do with my demeanour, simply my observation, my coin. Second, you're crazy to think one can argue on this topic, cordially, casually. Murder is a serious business, not a light hearted topic as you seem to believe. You're a fool to believe it will only be met with niceties.

Oh well, there will always be a svoloch who will ruin universal peace and love resulting from the absolute truth of the universe..
You're so confused it's laughable, again, lets talk about your Infanticide. And that's to do with the absolute truth of your fear, huh boy? You're delusional, my misguided opponent!

OK, so you do not distinguish between conscious action and mechanical reaction for Man.
All action/reaction is either conscious, sub-conscious or a combination thereof. There's no such thing as mechanical reaction, the brain controls it all, on one level or another.

You believe it is perfectly normal and a universal truth that Man must rely on the government to determine the difference between a zef, a fetus, and a baby as expressions of the objective value of the cycle of human life.
Who said anything about a government. It's the universe that has determined such things, along with a revised GR!

Of course the question of the value of infanticide should be avoided. It invites thinking out of the box which is poison for secular progressive indoctrination only requiring you to believe, obey, and pay the bills of the government of the Great Beast.
It would surely seem you're a religious fruitcake. I only obey the universe as it's physics unfold, so it is, and so it should be.

Anything else just corrupts the youth of Athens.
Again, only my observations reign supreme, as you call into question another culture, so yours can be called into question. So how is the argument settled, you might ask? By the universe, of course!

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Re: Infanticide

Post by uwot » Sun Mar 25, 2018 8:19 am

Nick_A wrote:
Sat Mar 24, 2018 5:52 pm
I have two questions: what are the means necessary to acquire a human perspective...
I think you have a very particular view of what counts as a human perspective and how to acquire it, but I suppose the way to begin is take ask the sort of questions that you have asked yourself.
Nick_A wrote:
Sat Mar 24, 2018 5:52 pm
...and what is it that prevents it.
That would vary from one individual to another and yes, that would include some people who are secular and intolerant, but people do take ideas similar to yours seriously. Your piano analogy is a version of 'Mary's Room' it seems to me.

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Re: Infanticide

Post by Nick_A » Sun Mar 25, 2018 8:47 pm

Anything else just corrupts the youth of Athens.

Again, only my observations reign supreme, as you call into question another culture, so yours can be called into question. So how is the argument settled, you might ask? By the universe, of course!
But if your denials have closed you to the universe how can it settle the argument.

Matthew 13:
16 But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear. 17 For truly I tell you, many prophets and righteous people longed to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.
If you want to realistically settle the argument you must open your eyes and ears rather than close them with defensive opinions.

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