Reductionism and Commerce

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Reductionism and Commerce

Post by RWStanding » Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:31 am

Reductionism and Commerce
Perhaps the worst kind of ethics is that of reductionism, taking a particular problem and situation by itself rather than holistically and long-term.
We have commerce run by a so-called capitalist system that is a convenient accident of history, but has had some social advantages.
Commerce may have several core social purposes, and not mere private versus government.
The prime purpose may be the benefit of shareholders, of government, or of society.
None of which is very exact, and merely indicates priority for commercial responsibility or duty.
Related holistically, it signifies an individualistic society, a servile society, or an altruistic society.
An altruistic society would need to have at least some public representation in companies to be effective.
When taken to the ultimate or absolute, the outcome may be different.
Both altruistic and individualistic society are egalitarian, but the former has minimal social responsibility and minimal pragmatism. Ultimately every citizen should be a shareholder in commerce, which must then either transfer into altruistic control or splinter into control by demagogues – as indeed the government.
The servile society is clearly not egalitarian, and is founded on duty to egoistic government. Given the right conditions it may survive or persist indefinitely, but in its nature has a rigid mentality that can fracture at any time when under stress.

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