Human Rights versus Society

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Human Rights versus Society

Post by RWStanding » Mon Jan 01, 2018 10:18 pm

Human Rights versus Society
The rights of individuals are inextricably related to society.
As society develops so may human rights.
A single altruistic country or polity within a global sea of chaos and tyranny, has its own internal rights.
It must treat with the rest of world largely on its terms.
Rights increase and develop with society and global societies.
There must first be global political and social stabilty.
But that may only be the stabilty of tyranny, which has few if any rights.
A degree of democracy is required in order to confer genuine rights.
But that may be a state of moral relativism and individualism.
A purposeful intent and poltical structure is required in order to make altruist society possible, with relevant rights. But then those rights are strictly responsibilities, which is to say towards the whole of society and the natural environment. Such a society would promote its ideals globally, in aid and cooperation, but without jeopardising its own cultural security and environmental stability.

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Re: Human Rights versus Society

Post by Celebritydiscodave2 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 9:04 pm

This would require a lot of thinking about. Do we agree, that society with this pretext equals overall weight of public opinion? So you are basically posing the question as to whether there are circumstances under which society should be considered in the wrong/wrong, and the individual, whom ever he or she might be, considered right, but even when this is at net loss to society? So one would n`t be being judged by jury then, but by a single adjudicator, so rather like Family Court. Not that I`d trust Family Court to make the right decision on behalf of any individual, but the principal is in place there. in theory I agree with minority of two justice, the second party being the adjudicator. The adjudicator should perhaps be considered a god?

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