Meaning of life- new theory/ something never before contemplated

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Meaning of life- new theory/ something never before contemplated

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This is a new theory which is unlike any other you will have read. It is an idea that has never before been contemplated or even imagined possible. It is simple to understand, yet breath-taking in it's brilliance. It has taken me 26yrs to complete, for it contains a number of theories which combine and support each other to make a whole. If one theory was wrong none of the others would be able to stand alone.

The meaning of life and existence has perplexed mankind for centuries, the eternal questions debated and theorised over, with many religions arising in order to answer these always assumed unanswerable conundrums.
However it is merely a puzzle, albeit a very complex puzzle, but a puzzle nonetheless, and therefore it has a solution.
I believe that i have solved it once and for all. The answers, if indeed these are the answers, are things never before contemplated or even imagined possible, and is far removed from any other scientific theory, religion or philosophical idea ever proposed.
It is a theory that answers, or paves the way towards answering, every question ever asked by mankind.

Anyone reading this will be understandably sceptical already.

In order to maintain your interest and attention, I will explain how i believe the 'The Theory of Everything' can be obtained, and where mankind will one day discover it.
If a fantastically complicated, or even a seemingly impossible equation were to be were to be attempted, you wouldn't try to do it by using mental arithmetic. It would be advisable to use a super-computer, or even a hundred, or maybe even thousands of super-computers.
The 'Theory of Everything' requires scientific knowledge about the origins of space and time, and the knowledge of living biology and every other 'ology' known to science. In summary the complete knowledge of How the Universe and us came to be, which would require billions of super-computers.

The 'Theory of Everything' is too vast for one man to answer, the human brain, the universes greatest achievement, is not capable of such feats.
That is why evolution created six billion.

The 'Theory of Everything' lies awaiting, within the brains and the applied abilities of the human race, and it can and will be revealed in time. Science will eventually answer all the questions of How.

Every Religion on earth has touched upon the truth of Why, but have all failed to see the entire picture. With a few minor adjustments to their beliefs and teachings, all religions can be reconciled into one glorious Unified Belief, that will hopefully resolve every conflict and answer all their theological questions.

If you are still reading this, then what follows is the the knowledge everyone has sought since the beginning of human history.

Everything that you think you know about life, and what we really are, is about to change forever.

Part One ; Evolution Revised

Our evolution began with the the big bang, and the reason it was so violent, was to enable all the matter of the universe to be distributed as far and wide as possible, so that each emerging galaxy could develop in complete isolation.
Each galaxy in turn then produced as many stars as possible, so that each in their super-nova deaths, could create as many elements as possible. These in turn produced as many planets as they could, in the calculated attempt that on one of these, organic matter would hopefully be created, in which life could inhabit.
On earth this happened, and life began, but not from one isolated area as imagined. The first microscopic single celled organisms clung to rising water vapour molecules, and ascending into the clouds, used rainfall to distribute themselves further apart (This still happens today) This continued for one billion years, in which time every inch of the earths surface had been covered, with these primordial life forms.
When evolution began proper, it reached out from countless billions of separate family trees, each emerging from different locations and different environments.
For instance, the ones in the oceans became fishes, whilst the ones on land became plants,insects and eventually animals. No fish ever crawled from the sea, and swapped gills for lungs.
Each evolutionary strain of life, from the beginning, has had one aim, to produce 'human' intelligence. Evolution was never solely survival of the fittest. Evolution has always been 'trial and error', life not knowing how to create a human-like creature, it has reached out in every direction possible in it's quest.
Since no intelligent life could ever emerge from the oceans, because of the impossibility of producing fire and tools, intelligent life had to emerge from the land, and had to be a proficient predator. This is because plant-eating animals do not require cleverness and cunning to hunt their food. The dinosaurs were a perfect example of an evolutionary dead-end, for after hundreds of millions of years, most still had brains the size of a pea. The only ones showing a glimmer of intelligence were the Raptors.
Mankind, therefore, in any form, would one day emerge as a land-based predator, and assume its predestined purpose.

Part Two; Human Error

The human race is considered to be the pinnacle of evolution, which it undoubtedly is, however unknown to everyone it suffered from two unforeseen events in its infancy, which severely effected its natural expected development.
The first resulted with each new child that was born exasperating and perpetuating the fault. The second created history's tyrants, and all the bloodshed of every war, this planet has ever known.
Every evil act, every ounce of man's cruelty, anger and hatred, all the racial and religious conflicts stemmed from these two causes. The first was an unforeseen evolutionary obstacle which it could not overcome, and the second was a natural, environmental catastrophe.

To begin with it is necessary to try to explain how evolution may work, and it is easier to view it backwards, that is to study any species physical form as it is now, then compare it to its origin through the fossil records.
An example are horses,we can see that 30 million years ago they were the size of mice, with toes instead of hooves.
Basically evolution appears to work in two ways, as the environment moulds these organic creatures to better adapt and survive. Firstly the mouse sized horses DNA will occasionally mutate, producing some offspring slightly differing from their parents, say some that are faster and larger.These will then escape predators easier, whilst the slower smaller ones will eventually be replaced as the new versions DNA is passed on, in more numbers than the old.
Secondly evolution will then consolidate these differences to produce a species where all are identical, every horse born will now be faster and larger than its original state.
Over millions of years more mutations occur, diverging the horses form, producing a variety of differences, the best suited for survival will then be consolidated, again every horse born will possess the very best attributes, and all will be roughly identical.
After 30 million years of gradual change we can see that every horse on earth, baring different breeds, are technically the same, with similar internal structures, intelligence and diet.

Now imagine mankind of today, and compare it to the first human specimens from 3 million years ago. We can therefore see, that during this time we have changed drastically. Everyone knows that we gradually stood upright, lost body hair, and became more intelligent etc, but that we gained some evolutionary faults.
An "S" shaped spine for instance instead of an ideal straight one, caused by our rapid progression, as well as the problems woman have giving birth, an awkward pelvic birth canal, again caused by our upright stature, and the progressively increasing size of babies brains, resulting in them having to be born premature and undeveloped, and unable to fend for themselves unlike the rest of the earths mammals.
We can then imagine how evolution changed us, again slight mutations occur over these millions of generations and lead to some being born larger, more upright, more intelligent, and evolution again consolidating the best attributes, and carrying these genes forward to produce a species far removed from its 3 million year old ancestor.
None of these changes will have caused any faults with mankind's development towards the intelligent species we have now become.
It must be remembered that evolution only develops certain attributes as an aid for survival, our senses for instance, and the dexterity of our hands, all took hundreds of thousands of years to refine and perfect, in order to assist us in our ascension.

Evolution however, in mankind, hit an obstacle never before encountered in the whole living history of life on earth, one that it could not overcome.
This caused mankind to diversify from the very start, and instead of consolidating it into an identically formed species, created a human-race that as been pulling itself apart since the days we lived in caves.
Every child ever born has carried forward these errors, until now we have a population exceeding 6 billion, and even further apart than ever.
The human race was de-railed from the word go, but may still be able to get back on track, because the problem has never been identified, and therefore never addressed.

The world we live in should not be like this, and i don't mean because of all the suffering, famine, poverty and hardship, all this is unfortunately understandable, given our deep-rooted genetic faults.
Civilisations throughout history were ruined by an unforeseen flaw with human evolution, coupled with the ice-age. I will now attempt to explain why.

1/ Evolution's Pitfall ;

Basically, the human race is far too emotional, and i mean that literally. Besides mankind's physical form, including its senses, it also includes the fact, which everyone overlooks, that our emotions were also originally developed as an aid to our survival.
Imagine a typical person of today, possessing every emotion available, all inherited through its genes, for they are all embedded deep within our DNA, for we are not taught how to feel.
They are Anger, Fear, Disgust,Contempt,Pride,Sadness,Anxiety, Depression, Envy and Shame. As well as the most important two, Love and Happiness.
We all carry these once essential emotions, a mixed bag of invisible traits which are never truly contemplated or considered. They are evolutionary throwbacks, its the same as walking around today covered in animal hair, dragging our knuckles on the ground and sporting a tail. Because they're out of sight we ignore them. And yes I know, everyone will say "but they make us human"
But they have also caused our downfall.

The faults began 3 million years ago.
Imagine the first homo-sapiens, the Adam and Eve of our species, more animal than human, possessing intelligence but lacking emotion.
Mutations occur, some are born with the emotion of fear, these then have an advantage,and can avoid or flee dangerous situations. Evolution then following its tried and tested formula would eventually consolidate this improvement until every human born had this emotion, and the ones that didn't would be weaned from the gene-pool, and everyone would be identical, and superior to Adam and Eve.
And here the problem begins.

Evolution can no longer accomplish this feat, because these humans have intelligence and are social animals. The ones without fear still have their instinct to procreate, and continue to pass their genes forward. Evolution cannot stop this from happening. The disadvantaged will be taken care of by the tribe,and although probably in much smaller numbers, their inferior genes will still be forever present in mankind's DNA.
In order to advance his intelligence, man had to become a predator. In doing so he must willingly kill another creature, and to assist, evolution creates the emotion of anger, and a killer-instinct.
These new humans are better equipped for survival, and soon dominate the species. Ideally again, evolution would prefer everyone to possess this emotion, as well as fear and make all equal.
Again it fails, because the tribes work together in a group and all pass on their genes as before. Now we have three kinds of human; most with fear and anger, some with only one emotion, and some with none at all.

As mankind progresses and begins living in larger communities, more emotions are generated for our better survival. Love and compassion, enabling parents to care for their helpless young. Envy and desire so that the strongest males lust after, and win the best examples of females,in order to produce the best possible offspring. Also greed, so the he can provide for his loving family. Fear and anger are no longer necessary, since man now has tools and weapons and lives in groups.

However once again evolution hits its main obstacle and is unable to produce a consolidated perfect species, which ideally no one would now possess anger and fear, these being ideally discarded along with our hairy bodies and tail.
Almost everyone now still feels anger and fear, redundant genes it cannot remove from its DNA.
Combined with the newly emerging emotions of envy,lust and greed, this spells disaster and murder.
Into this melting pot of emotional turmoil, the natural catastrophe mentioned earlier causes more traumatic evolutionary upheaval, as the ice age not only freezes the land, but also freezes the heart of mankind.

2/ Dawn of the Psychopathic Tyrant

One of the misconceptions regarding the ice-age is that man survived it, this is not precisely accurate..
Once mankind began to migrate from its birth-place Africa, upwards into Europe, Asia and across the frozen seas into the Americas, crossing over from the northern Arctic routes, it divided into four distinct groups, which i'll refer to as ; African,Asian,Oriental and Caucasian.

When the glaciers of the ice-age moved gradually southwards covering the earth, only the Northern Hemisphere was badly effected. The African's,Asians,Orientals and the North Americans were able to migrate further south avoiding the worst of these conditions. However the Caucasian tribes in Europe and Scandinavia became embedded in this ice locked new world and endured almost 35 thousand years of hardship and trials.
And therefore it was mainly these humans, that can be said to have survived the ice-age, and as a result their continued evolution differed greatly from the rest of mankind.

In order to survive the tribes had to be harsh and coldly clinical in their way of life. The ones containing leaders that were loving and compassionate will have attempted to care for all the members of their group, the young, the old and infirm. When food became scarce they will have all gone hungry.
Meanwhile in the tribes lead by humans that still carried the ancestral genes, the ones without emotions, the psychopaths, these will have exiled or killed these 'useless mouths to feed' without any reservations, the old, infirm and unproductive members of the tribe.
They will have ensured their continued leadership through cruelty and fear, making sure that only they knew how to make fire, and also having the skill and strength to hunt for fresh meat, leaving them dependant upon their leadership.
Eventually the subdued tribal members will have survived at a cost, and in future will feel safe with their psycho leaders, knowing that however captive they are, they will survive better than the weaker compassionate tribes who lack the will to cull the useless members,and make terrible decisions regarding food and their survival when times get harder.

Now instead of the psychopathic genes (which have been identified by the mapping of the human genome, and now referred to as "the warrior gene") being gradually outnumbered by the more advanced compassionate human genes, they become more and more dominant as the leaders, and fellow psycho's, become the main studs of the tribe, and their sons become the tribes future leaders, or body-guards.
Any son of theirs not displaying the psychopathic nature required to kill animals,and to not fear fire, will be discarded as unsuitable for leadership material,and given to his tribe to raise.
These tribes become larger and prey upon any smaller weaker ones unable to defend themselves, and they capture the breeding females, killing or enslaving everyone else. The tribal leaders praetorian-guards carry out his commands without question or remorse.
This continues generation after generation, the tribal instincts for survival being passed down for thousands of years. The subdued masses now feel safe with their tyrannical leaders and bodyguard army, who ensure their survival. When times become harder, and food even scarcer, they barely complain or remonstrate as the 'herd' is culled of all the 'useless' members who they feel don't deserve to eat or live.
This becomes a way of life, instinctual, like the urge and need to sleep 8 hours every day, it becomes embedded in our DNA and passed down until it is accepted as a requirement for survival, and becomes similar to our emotions, this instinct of subservience and sheep-like acceptance of authority.

When the ice-age gradually ends, life for these Caucasian's improve. When they rejoin the rest of the Africans, Asians and Orientals, the psychopathic leaders are no longer required.
However the damage has been done, and their genes now swim shark-like throughout mankind's gene pool. And the 'subservient' instinct, also seeps slowly into the mixing-pot of mankind's already flawed and tainted emotional evolution. They are still with us today, and have caused the world of mankind to become as it is, instead of how it should have been, how it was originally intended.
These throwbacks, these ancestral ice-age leaders reappear, born from another age, unaware, and become the Hiltlers and Stalins.
Our ancestral instincts of subservience and abeyance. also from another age, make us feel safe and secure with them as our leaders, and permit us to follow them in their dreams of conquest, as they mistakenly attempt to save the herd, even if it means culling their unproductive subjects, and going to war with neighbouring tribes.

The evil within mankind is not created, influenced or encouraged by any Devil.
Evil is in our DNA.

Part 3; The Electron

An Electron orbits a proton in a hydrogen atom, all the elements are various hydrogen atoms compressed together, under the incredible pressure of a super-nova, the death of a star. Hydrogen atoms are the building blocks of the universe. Free Electrons, the ones that have broken away from their captive atoms, are what electricity is.
Every Electron in the Universe is identical, perfectly identical, having the same mass, charge and directional spin. It was once proposed that the reason for their sameness was that there was in fact only one electron in existence.
One Electron that existed everywhere at the same time. I also believe that the Universe contains only one,but not for this reason, and shall return to this later.
This for the moment this is too vast to contemplate, so to begin with, imagine that each isolated galaxy has only one Electron, or every star, or every planet.
This is also too vast to visualise, so to begin with, imagine that your body only possesses one Electron.

Now Imagine your body, comprised of trillions of cells,each one seemingly to possess independent life, each having a function, a purpose to play in the body as a whole. Now imagine your body's electrical field, a stream of electrons, which is electricity, coursing through and giving life to every cell, and travelling along every nerve fibre, and being every electrical impulse and message sent to your brain from all its sensory organs. Now imagine this stream of electricity, your body's electrical-field, as being only one Electron.
Imagine your eye, light hits one of its sensory cells containing the electron, and sends a signal to your brain. Your electron is also this signal travelling along the nerve fibre, and is it as also in the receptor cell where the signal is received. This is like throwing a ball, running after it, and catching it.
Try to imagine this happening billions of times a second from every light sensory cell in your eye, your Electron now gets an overall impression of the colour and strength of the light reaching your eye from the outside world, and using this information forms an imaginary picture of what this may look like.
Your body contains over 200 billion cells which are devoted entirely to our senses, the Electron fires along each and every one gaining a continual impression of our environment, through sight,sound smell, taste and touch every fraction of a second.
Our brain then using it's powerfully vivid imagination, presents us with what it believes reality may actually look, sounds, smell, taste and feel like.

Dreams, what they really are, and why we have them.
When we sleep, and dream, our brain, lacking any input from our resting sensory organs, begins to suffer from sensory-deprivation. This can cause harm, and in extremely extended circumstances can actually kill us. This is because your conscience-brain cannot understand why it as stopped receiving signals from around us, and thinks that our bodies have taken extreme damage, and that we are now nothing more than a comatose vegetable.. This would then cause the brain to realise that life was no longer worth living , and begin to shut down itself, and die.

In order for this not to happen, our sub-consciousness, which knows we are merely sleeping, tricks our brain by giving it false input signals.
To do this, it delves into our stored memories, and the creative areas of our brain, in other words our imagination, and using both creates a false reality which fools our conscience brain, and prevents sensory-deprivation from happening.
It must use both, for if it used only memories, there is a chance our brain would recognise them as such, and dismiss it as not really coming from our surrounding reality. Your dreams therefore become a mixture of your actual experiences and imagination, and therefore bizarre scenarios and peculiar situations are created. It can also accidentally produce night-mares. They seem so vivid and real, because your brain believes these signals come from your senses, and creates an image of what this reality may look and sound like. Some are remembered when we awake, but most are erased so as not to get them confused with our actual waking experiences.

Each one of us has a section inside our brain, that contains our memories and experiences, our likes and dislikes, the very things which make us individuals, since no two brains are alike.
In essence the things which make us who we.
The electron has access to, and gives life to each and every cell, and carries all the signals from our senses. It cannot however direct the focus of our eyes, or make any of our decisions, it is the power supply and our consciousness only,
it cannot control our thoughts or actions.
It has no influence on our freewill.

This Electron is also your soul.

Part 4 ; The Birth of God

Try now to imagine that the earth and everything on it contains only one Electron, that it is every one, simultaneously, each existing side by side in space and time, each one identical.

Now the first single-celled life-form on earth comprised of amino-acids, which were created by lightening striking water through an atmosphere of ammonia, is formed and the Electrons organic-life begins. The electrical charge enters and generates the cells life. When this one multiplies, its identical offspring all share the same Electron, for it is impossible for this to divide, they therefore also share the same soul, no new souls are ever created.
This continues for a billion years, all the single-celled organisms now cover the earth. Even after all this time of multiplying, each and every one of them still share the same Electron, still share the same soul.

When evolution begins proper, and the fishes of the seas, and the animals of the land begin to grow in number, the Electron continues to inhabit each and every cell, and becomes their bodies electrical field, and their consciousness, and remains their one and only soul.
Life continues evolving and expanding one cell at a time, the Electron-soul, flowing into and occupying each new cell, and flowing out of, and abandoning every dead cell.
This process continues today, with every new cell born, within every living thing on earth, whether its a plant, insect, fish,animal or human.

When the first light sensory cell evolved and light struck it, and that first electric impulse fired towards the creatures brain, the Electron received its first signal from the outside world, and rejoiced.

The Electron that is your soul, is the same one that energised that first single celled organism, three and a half billion years ago.
It is the shared soul, and source of life, of every living thing now, and every living thing that has ever existed on earth.
The Electron is God.

Part Five ; The Power of God

God then is the shared soul ,life and consciousness of every person, and every living creature on earth. God lives through all the living things on earth. It sees,hears,tastes, smells and feels everything, in its never ending Electron existence.
God then also feels all our pain, and all of our suffering and misery, multiplied to unimaginable heights. It is unable to end any of this, and is forced to endure every agony inflicted upon the human race, and the pain caused to every helpless creature.
God is powerless to effect any of mankind's thoughts or actions, and remains a prisoner to our freewill , a mere spectator to all we achieve and destroy.
Since Gods birth on this earth, it has been utterly powerless to alter the cause evolution has taken, and again remained as an observer, breathing the life into, but unable to control the actions of any living thing.

God had to endure every twist and turn evolution took, awaiting the day when a land living predator, with high intelligence, the human race, would one day emerge as expected, but not knowing what form it would take.
This human race would then hopefully end its suffering, by fulfilling its long awaited destiny.

Life has however continued evolving along all the other evolutionary trees, and even though Gods quest as been achieved by producing mankind, all the serpents,pestilence, diseases and cancers of this world are the unfortunate by-products of life on earths other unsuccessful 'trial and error' evolutionary trees, still blindly reaching out, seeking sentience.

Taking this into account, the most often asked questions directed at God over the centuries, can now be easily answered.

1/ Why do you allow suffering, pain,cancer and disease?

These questions can now be satisfactorily answered.
God is entirely powerless to prevent suffering, it is unable to intervene in any of mankind's actions or thoughts, or to direct the path evolution has taken. God doesn't want suffering, because it feels all of it, the pain of every casualty of war, torture and violence happening in the world now, and all that has ever been caused in the past.
God has felt everything's pain, and now awaits eagerly for mankind to end its agonies, for we are its only saviour.

Pain evolved to be a warning to the creature of harm and damage being inflected upon its body, the more harm, the more pain, ensuring that appropriate action will be taken to avoid more. Life cannot survive for long without it, it is an essential evolutionary requirement for survival. If for instance instead of pain we had an alarm bell ringing in our head, it could easily be ignored, like the first wake up call in a morning.

Cancer, and diseases are also beyond Gods capability to control, for it has never had any influence on the direction evolution has taken, and these cancers of the world are unfortunate waste products of all the countless billions of unsuccessful evolutionary-trees, which are still blindly reaching out seeking intelligence, and will forever continue to do so.

2/ Why do you not show yourself?

The answer is that is cannot, for it is entirely powerless, to either show itself, or answer any prayers.
If you wish to view God, look around at every living thing in sight, all these things are God.
It can however, once the human-race has been put back on track, and becomes everything that it should be, and will then be able to act through mankind's actions, to answer every prayer, and end all suffering.

God never deserted us,it has always been here.

3/ Why are we here?, what is our purpose?

The answer to this is that God in order to live and truly exist, had to cause the birth of the universe and the beginning of time.
From this would then eventually emerge planets containing organic matter, it which it could inhabit, and carry out its plans.
Life on earth then had one goal, to achieve a human creature, possessing intelligence, in any shape or form.
The reason we are here, is because each habitable planet, and every galaxy contains at least one, has many "Goldilocks" requirements. Everything has to be just right, its temperature, its size and so on, necessary for its ideal development and capability to nurture life.

Life, once it has taken root on a planet, also has many "Goldilocks" requirements for its ideal development and harmony.
The main one, in order for earth to become a heaven in which God can live, through the souls of all its populations, needs one intelligent 'human-race' through which life can be fully maximised, appreciated and enjoyed.
It also requires this life-form to be able to take control of, and maintain the well-being and security of all its lesser creatures, who lacking awareness and intelligence, need guidance and care, for God lives through these as well, and feels their pain.

We are here because God, being powerless needs living guardians to watch-over, maintain and live inside his dreamed of heaven-like world. We are Gods Angels, we are his true Messiahs, created to safe-guard the world.
Our mission, our true purpose, is to end human and animal suffering, and turn the earth into a paradise.

At the moment though, the world of man has been diverted from its true destiny by the flaws mentioned earlier in the Chapter on "Human Error".

4/ Why must we die, and what becomes of us?

Every cell since the beginning of life on earth had to have a limitation of its life-span, therefore ensuring that no lesser creature, on the way towards mankind's creation, would ever dominate the earth, and prevent the other evolutionary trees from developing.
This almost happened with the plant-eating dinosaurs, who halted the forward evolution of intelligent life, with their pea-brained existence. Therefore no species could ever be gifted immortality, and this has been the same with the human-race, which has had to abide by these requirements.

When our bodies receive too much damage, or reach the end of our life-span, our electrical-field which is our soul ceases to flow, and abandons our flesh. But we are all God, and our soul is an indestructible Electron, so we will never truly die, and we continue to live forever on earth, which, if our destiny is ever realised, will one day be transformed into heaven.

Part Six;
In the Beginning.

In the beginning was there nothing?

It is impossible for there to be have been nothing, because the universe undoubtedly exists.

Therefore in the beginning it was impossible for there be nothing, something had to exist.

It's a paradox, an impossibility.

Therefore in the beginning there had to be at least one Hydrogen atom, it was impossible for there not to be.

There was never a time when it did not exist, it has always been there, there as never been a time when nothing existed.
Its history is infinite and never-ending, just like the infinity of space.

Therefore in the beginning, before the universe and time began, there was always the 'Hydrogen God'.

God, and the creation of existence

It's proton core is matter,surrounded by its protective Coulomb force which is energy. It begins to spin clockwise creating a positive charge.
The Electron, far away at the edge of this vacuum, also begins to spin, anti-clockwise creating a negative charge.

The Electron is inexorably drawn magnetically towards the central core. Its movement rather than being direct, is rotational and curved.

In our world if we observed the movement of an object, we would firstly see it at one point to begin with, then a second later it would be seen in its new position where it has travelled to. The object would no longer exist in the position it occupied a second ago, there would still be only one object.

This cannot happen in the vacuum space, before the universe began, because here time does not exist. The moving electron instead leaves behind it exact copies of itself in all its former positions, all co-existing side-by-side. This single-file of electrons becomes its space/time continuum, a progressive line of electrons, which is forced into further movement because no two can exist in the same position.
As it draws closer to the distant proton, the leading electrons curved path spirals around in ever decreasing circles, and becomes a shell-like formation which completely surrounds the core. The number of electrons is now in excess of ten billion times the amount of that which exists today, for most are annihilated or shattered in the Big-bang, and their debris becomes our sub-atomic particles and Dark-matter.

Meanwhile the proton as also begun to move, and it too like the electron creates its own space/time continuum, a long trail of identical copies, and like a ball of string grows in size, until it reaches the total amount of matter and energy now present in our universe, and with it comes an increase in gravity and time now begins.

The electron eventually reaches the Coulomb, which also multiplies, and protects the expanding protons,confined within it, and circles wider and wider across its surface until every available space is taken up.
It eventually gets to a point where it can no longer move forward, or backwards, because every position is occupied by a copy electron. However it cannot occupy its current position either, because of its anti-clockwise spinning, so as to continue moving. The Coulomb force, the most powerful force in existence, is too strong for it to penetrate, and the magnetic pull of all the protons is too powerful to break free from, so the electron faces an impossible paradox.. It has got to move, but it has no where move to.

It has no choice but to do the impossible, it changes the direction of its spin, and its polarity, and all its copy electrons, that exist in its former timeless positions also follow suit.

Now the positively charged core, which was one instant held tightly into place by all the electrons in their shell-like powerful negative charge, suddenly finds itself surrounded by a positive charge.
The core is therefore subjected to a magnetic force equal to its own polarity, and both the core and electrons now repel each other.
However the core is completely encased by electrons, so it cannot move away, and instead gets compressed with unimaginable pressure, and becomes momentarily the size of a single proton. It instantly hits critical mass, and the Big-Bang happens.

As the exploded core expands outwards, each fragment becomes a proton wrapped in a Coulomb force-field. The surrounding electrons which have now resumed their original rotations, and now possess negative charges, instantly attache themselves to the protons and begin orbiting and protecting them, holding in place their matter and energy, and becoming hydrogen atoms.

Without these electrons attaching themselves to the protons, the Big-Bang would have been one enormous nuclear explosion, in which nothing could have ever formed. The universe today would just be one continuous nuclear fire ball, and complete chaos.

However with these newly formed Hydrogen atoms, galaxy's, stars, elements, planets and organic-life can now be formed.

The Universe and Time now begin, all formed from one Hydrogen atom. Therefore every Electron is essentially the same one, which once occupied countless positions in space, around the centre of the proton before the Big-bang happened.

It can therefore be said that the Hydrogen atom, which was God, created our universe.

Part 7; Religions

Hopefully now Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and all the other religions of the world can reconcile their differences.

All the Religions of the world, have gained awareness of the jigsaw puzzle that is the true meaning of life and existence, yet each one has failed to see the full picture. However, the missing pieces can now be filled in, without causing too many alterations to their core beliefs.

For instance the image of Jesus crucified on the cross, not only symbolises Christs agony, but is also now the reminder of Gods eternal, everlasting pain, which it is forced to endure, until mankind comes to its rescue, and saves its soul.


Part Eight, Final Chapter;
Paradise Found

Could the earth really become a paradise, could mankind fulfil its purpose and convert this blood-soaked, polluted earth into heaven?

Could all the religions reconcile their differences, and end their centuries old conflicts?
Could mankind refuse to obey its tyrannical leaders, and discard its indifference and instinctual subservience?
Could war become a thing of our ancestral past, and mankind's energies instead be used for world peace?
Could mankind end all human and animal suffering, and therefore end Gods eternal pain?
Could mankind then use its unlimited resources and scientists to finally cure cancer, and every other disease and pestilence that blights the earth?
Could mankind's collective geniuses then finally complete this "The Theory of Everything" and unlock all the universes secrets?

Well could they?

Amen - The Woodster

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