Heidegger, The Abyss and "Luxury".

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Heidegger, The Abyss and "Luxury".

Post by Eodnhoj7 » Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:34 pm

What we understand of truth is fundamentally an observation of approximation embodied through the shadows of Plato's Allegory. These truths are crystallized through language and act as the prisms of reason. In these respects all "words" act as structures that negate any form of concealment, as concealment is merely absence of truth as the absence of structure and order.

"Heidegger....made critical contributions to philosophical conceptions of truth, arguing that its original meaning was unconcealment, to philosophical analyses of art as a site of the revelation of truth, and to philosophical understanding of language as the "house of being."[16]

Language forms the barriers through which we perceive the world as mere extensions of ourselves. Language is being and is successful in regards to its ability to provide and maintain what is necessary. However when the limits of "necessity" are blurred through its relation to "want" the structure of language is torn apart and atomized into a flurry of movements ever redefining itself under a vortex of subjectivity.

In these respects all language, as axiomatic in nature, maintains a perpetual degree of randomness as the subjective nature is never defined. What we understand of the axiom is merely a reflection of randomness as our deficiencies. With a change in language comes a change in the world as institutions are formed by the language they see as self-evident. But what as self-evident is merely an extensions of ourselves and in this we see a democracy ruled by its desires.

The language of desire is the language of war.

"Heidegger believed the Western world to be on a trajectory headed for total war,[62] and on the brink of profound nihilism[63] (the rejection of all religious and moral principles),[64] which would be the purest and highest revelation of Being itself,[65] offering a horrifying crossroads of either salvation or the end of metaphysics and modernity;[66] rendering the West a wasteland populated by tool-using brutes, characterized by an unprecedented ignorance and barbarism[67] in which everything is permitted.[68]"

Through war, as merely the relations of apeironic chaos, the nature of being becomes mechanized as soul and metal seek dominion over the other as mere symbols of our times.

"[Heidegger] thought the latter possibility would degenerate mankind generally into scientists, workers and brutes...[69] and we see this today as once was the Priest is now the Scientist, the farmer the industrial worker, and the soldier the brute.

Each of these live "under the last mantle of one of three ideologies, Americanism, Marxism or Nazism[70] (which he deemed metaphysically identical, as avatars of subjectivity and institutionalized nihilism),[71] and an unfettered totalitarian world technology.[69] Supposedly, this epoch would be ironically celebrated, as the most enlightened and glorious in human history.[72]"

Americanism, Nazism, and Marxism are merely industrial extensions of man's needing to enframe the world, and all that is within it, as a strictly material or physical dimension.

We can see within Americanism is the materilization of man's body as perpetual consumerism.

We can see within Nazism the materialization of man's intellect as perpetual invention as tool making where perception without some form of tool is no perception at all.

We can see within Marxism the materialization of man's spirit, as a social structure of relations where the state is the god to whom we offer the sacrifice of ourselves.

Progress is the abyss that consumes us and "He envisaged this abyss to be the greatest event in the West's history because it would enable Humanity to comprehend Being more profoundly and primordially than the Pre-Socratics.[73]"

It revolves itself through the words of "New", "Luxury" and "Freedom" whose meanings are justified through a reckless subjectivity.

Would what we know of progress exist if we eliminated these words?

Are these even concepts any more?

Or are they the strictly the yelling of helpless masses crying out "ME!" ?

Do we fear death and nothingness because of these words?


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