Rights Personal and Political

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Rights Personal and Political

Post by RWStanding » Mon Oct 30, 2017 8:33 am

Rights Personal and Political
We have Human Rights legislation that is centred on the individual, and no doubt needs updating regularly.
There is also the question of rights for social groups, polities and the like, which is as important.
But, it cannot avoid making a distinction between democracy and the alternatives.
On what basis should Scotland, Catalonia, Tibet, the Kurds, have the right to referendums, and the right to secede from one political union into another or into entire independence. In reality, there is no absolute independence from all forms of political and economic union or cooperation.
It is barely altruistic democracy for the EU to stand back and say that Catalonia is not its business, but an internal affair. And what is more to the point perhaps, is that the UK is trying to leave the EU, and this is being made a difficult as possible. Globalised altruist democracy must be based on cooperation at and between all levels of society.

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