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alternative Insights

Post by mystical_universe » Mon Jul 17, 2017 5:07 am

___alternative Insights____

when I talk about (the universe)

I really talk about the Conception we have of our Existence,

mankind mistakes the universe with life itself,

we can't explain what we are, what we feel, and how we fit in the cosmos ,

the body influences the mind in such an intense manner that it can fool itself by assuming the reality it experiences to be authentic,

The experiences life gives us are just to overwhelming and intense to be able to Question if its really real or not,

The amount of Information and knowledge we posses about life is the same amount as the duration of time we are Conscious

Everything we believe is coupled to our emotions and the correlation they have with our sense of reasoning,
every aspect of life has the possibility to Confuse and misguide our sense of reasoning and our sense to rationalize,

the things we experience no matter how real they appear to be, its not up to us to be able to confirm the actuality of the events that happen in our lives,

the feeling we know and apply to everything we associate with reality is being interpret Differently by all Individuals and there Unique point of Perspective

We've never known a different feeling than the sensation we experience and associate with all our observations that seem to agree with that of our General conception and definition we have of reality,

but that is still no guarantee or proof that what we think we experience Perfectly matches that of the reality itself,

it may also be that what we experience may be nothing more than a personal illusion we all experience and interpret differently, our visions,perceptions and observations of life are unique and impossible to Compare,

Everything we experience,feel, and conceive has an influence on our way of Reasoning and Rationalization,

these factors determine the influence life has on our psychologically & philosophical state of mind,

starting at birth we are being fed all sorts of misleading information caused by being edgucated by others..

Which is directly responsible for our current vision of the universe and how we perceive it to be,

The human Mind has endless Possibilities and capabilities,

How Large and infinite our universe may eventually appear to us will all depend on how much we can expand our minds and Learn New ways of how it can be used.

By expanding your Mind you expand the universe,

The life's that we live, are the universe's we experience.

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