Is consciousness analyzable and measurable?

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haribol acharya
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Is consciousness analyzable and measurable?

Post by haribol acharya » Tue Jun 20, 2017 6:59 am

Everyone is unique and is distinctly designed. It seems there is a designer. If there is a designer what he or she is like? A Christian or Jewish or Islamic or Hindu God. My rational mind does not conceive or at least I cannot believe in such a personal God. All scriptural descriptions of God(s) are unquestionably written by humans beings whether it is Biblical or Islamic or Buddhist. They are mythologies. I am interested in physics but I cannot understand quantum mechanics or any other sophisticated scientific theories. That is why some of my questions about creation or materialism remain unanswered which are otherwise comprehensible to scientists. However my quest does not end up in getting answered scientifically for I believe science suffers limitations. The universe is full of wonders, and we have yet to satisfy ourselves with what is known, even now as it was 5 hundred years ago though we have a great many things to accredit scientific inventions. Everything created or existing in the universe is beautiful in its own way. A cat is an amazing thing, perfectly designed. A baby is a beautiful thing of creation. Love, affection, compassion are some of the enriching emotions, thought neurologists have their say and argue that these emotions are measurable materialistically. But perfection in nature is unobjectionable; this perfection entails a truth about something we all want to arrive at. Everything existing in this world has a certain distinctiveness and exclusivity; and it is not just a lump of something we can materialistically diagnose, create, destroy and recreate. Everything in the universe has a certain trait, attribute that makes renders it a totality and wholeness.
Who is the designer? Our limited brain has no capacity to comprehend the universal mind, if there is one. Maybe there is an unending source to which all resource and get fulfilled. Since humans are free to think, imagine, express whether it is rational or irrational I really love to think and often write, discuss and share.
Sometime I feel I exist and the rest of the world exist for me. Or else nothing matters to me at least.

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