.....illusions of Perspectives......

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.....illusions of Perspectives......

Post by mystical_universe » Wed Feb 01, 2017 8:13 am

...illusions Of Perspectives......

We are the confused Ignorant dwellers of the Unexplainable Phenomena known as life,

its impossible to define and impossible to Describe ,

The influence life has on each individual varies drastically from all others,

Trying to view life in a whole other perspective than the one you're used to is as good as impossible,

the incoming information is being interpreted and processed by all the individuals differently,

which result in different ways of vision,Purpose,understanding, expectation and believe,

the only true fact and knowledge we can have from life is that it is impossible and Meaningless to try and compare 1 Live with that of another,

each life is to be considered unique and therefore cannot contain similarities to compare the life with ,

as long as we can't experience life as more than 1 Single organism,

we can never accomplish our Quest in life together because we all search for different things in it,

Consider for a moment the possibility we are Confusing the universe with something else , the possibility exists that we mistake a false reality with that of the real one, and the only reason we experience a universe, is because of the illusion that has completely captivated our minds, and as a result of that, we experience life as a (universe)

The biggest factor of deception in my opinion is when we start to speculate about our life and how we will eventually define them for ourselves to be,

its time to realize that,

......Life Itself , is the universe we experience......

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