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Negative > Positive

Post by spike » Fri Jul 08, 2016 12:19 pm

Two negative things happened to me recently that ultimately led to positive outcomes. One had to do with cigarettes and the other with scaffolding. Yes, cigarettes and scaffolding.

The other day I lost my keys. I lost them somewhere outside. They fell through a hole in my pocket. I traced my steps in hope of finding them, with no luck. The next day our window cleaner came by, on a day that wasn’t his norm. After paying him I ask if he had ever lost his keys? I told him I had lost mine yesterday. He then went into his detective mode and got the idea I may have lost them somewhere near the house. Then, like his routine, he went across the street to buy cigarettes, where he asked the store clerk if anyone had handed in keys they may have found. The store clerk said yes! The window cleaner rushed back to tell me. Shortly after I went over and discovered that yes, they were mine. Great! What luck! But if it hadn’t been for our window cleaner and his vice for cigarettes I may never have gotten my keys back.

The next negative had to do with scaffolding. It started with channels missing on our TV, channels that are normally there. I called the cable company who told me everything at their end seemed fine but that they were sending a technician to look things over. The fellow they sent told us we needed a new cable, which required a new hole drilled through the wall to reconnect to the cable box outside. I found that odd, that the cable needed replacing. However, he couldn’t do the work outside in our alleyway because our neighbour had erected scaffolding to do some brick work, which prevented the cable guy from doing his job. You see, the cable company has strict rules about its employs from doing work in obstructed areas because of safety and insurance concerns. So we decided to put-off the work until another day, until the scaffolding was gone.

The next day a new technician came by, not knowing what had transpired the day before. Luckily the new guy discovered that it wasn’t a cable problem but a software problem in the cable box connected to our TV. That was great because he did’t have to do unnecessary work. Thank goodness for the scaffolding and its obstruction. Imagine, a lot of needless work wasn't done because of that scaffolding. Lucky again!

I guess the moral of the story is that negatives can often lead to positives.

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Re: Negative > Positive

Post by Harbal » Fri Jul 08, 2016 9:24 pm

spike wrote:Great! What luck! But if it hadn’t been for our window cleaner and his vice for cigarettes I may never have gotten my keys back.
So you're OK with the possibility that your window cleaner could well die of lung cancer just so you could get your keys back?

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