Why do we Think? The Purpose of Thought. Argument o Hedonism

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Why do we Think? The Purpose of Thought. Argument o Hedonism

Post by GreatandWiseTrixie »

Why do we Think? (UG K.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odN0wW3ojZM

What is thought, self-awareness. Layers upon layers of things, stuff. It is as if one puts a bunch of bricks, layers and layers of bricks, that a house forms. The house is Consciousness, and what do houses do? They provide pleasure, comfort. But that not an accurate way to describe it.

The houses do not actually provide any pleasure. They only provide a means to escape from pain, cold, a place for shelter and warmth from the burden of existence. Such is the mind, thought is a distraction, a way to temporarily escape from pain. But at a cost. The house does have an energy bill.

Existence itself is pain, and the house, the mind, provides temporarily relief from that pain. But the relief, or pain, is only an illusion. For isn't the outside world in of itself a pleasure? The wet rain, a sexual, overwhelming pleasure? Staying indoors is considered a pain. Pleasure turns to pain. Therefore indoors and outdoors, are both the same thing, just cleverly disguised. The bricks are merely painted over. The mind is merely an illusion of seperation from the outside nature around it. Like the house, the mind is merely a built up pile of bricks, layers of nature trying to fool itself that it is not nature. But it is not separate from nature, for it is nature, only in disguise.
UG wrote:The body takes in pleasure, but only for a moment. It wishes to reject pleasure. Thought will not lead to pleasure, the body only takes in pleasure for its survival. Then it will reject pleasure and pleasure will become pain. Thought has no purpose. We are merely robots regurgitating things. We should live miserable, and die miserable.
While that may be true, there is always more to the story. Thought does have a purpose, in the sense that a XBOX 360 disc has a purpose. For those with a XBOX 360, they can experience and learn the content on the disc. For those with only a computer, but no XBOX 360, they can read the content, and learn the labels, but not truly experience the content. For those with neither, they do not experience it in any direct way. But what is the purpose of an XBOX 360 game? What is the purpose of thought?

To entertain, bring pleasure, bring happiness. But what is happiness? "I don't know what happiness is" - UG Krishmandu
If happiness is smiles and excitement, then why does not everyone line up for their dose of Joker Toxin? "The human body's goal is selfish. It wishes to self-preserve, to experience one more moment, regardless of how happy that moment is." - UG. "It is selfless acts that put the world in a state of what it is. Selfishness cannot hurt anybody." - UG. It is a wonderful thought.

You see, thought is not so pointless. Thought is a tool, it can be twisted to suit any end. "Most people's goal is to become permanently happy." Thought is a tool to that end. Any other purpose is wasted. To an animal, or illiterate human, your thoughts have no value. Your species has much thought, but they do not experience any benefit from your thoughts. To the animals. your thoughts do not exist to them, and the only thing they get from you is pain. Pain pain pain.

The ultimate purpose of life is to bring pleasure, ultimate and unyielding pleasure. If thought itself causes no pleasure, it still can be used. Perhaps if food, sex, orgies and literature get old, the human body itself can be modified, the mind modified. Perhaps thought is a transient thing, a tool, once used, to be discarded. Perhaps one day you will become again, like gods. You will put the consciousness into a state of eternal, blissful, mindlessness, using your vast intelligience to keep them safe in their bliss for eternity. If you use your thought to that end, thought, has purpose.

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Re: Why do we Think? The Purpose of Thought. Argument o Hedo

Post by van Keister »

If we ever reach this "Eternal, blissful" state then we will become extinct. Life means struggle, pain, the will to dominate, the will to power.
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Re: Why do we Think? The Purpose of Thought. Argument o Hedonism

Post by Osric »

The purpose of thought to me is to use it with responsibility. I think most of us abuse the privilege of thought. I see humanity more as caretakers of the universe, but instead we occupy our time with meaningless and petty things. This is not all our fault. I blame the governments and tradition for exploiting our instincts. Thought used with responsibility and duty has a greater purpose than thought used for selfish acts. Why? Because the more influential and positive a thought is the greater the chance to bring happiness to others is increased. The power of thought in itself is amazing, it can bring destructive actions or positive actions into existance.

Everything and everyone has a purpose, whether it be for dark or light. Even murder I think has a place. In an overpopulated world, I think as a precaution mother nature fights back by creating individuals with chemical imbalances. These chemical imbalances create some disturbing thoughts to some, and maybe to the ones thinking them. Thus, the potential for murder is born with the passive purpose of culling the herd so to say.

Everything happens for a reason I think. Perhaps we were meant to experience the good and the bad to become enlightened. One cannot truly appreciate the good until you have experienced some bad. Maybe the purpose of thought is to realize that we shouldn't pass judgement past a certain point on individuals because they are only thinking with what they were given. We are all given roles to play I think, based upon many factors, such as brain chemistry and other things like how a person is raised. We have no control over where we were born or what brain we were given. But, we are still accountable for our thoughts when they manifest into action. However, we should learn to forgive each other in the end. Punishment should be more based on mercy versus actual punishment.
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Re: Why do we Think? The Purpose of Thought. Argument o Hedonism

Post by Seremonia »

Naturally we need something. Our body need something. We need food to establish our life.

So, thinking is strongly force us naturally, to consider things to fulfill our needs.

Why do we think? It's because we need something or at least because our body (ourselves) need something and it's as a trigger putting ourselves into thinking.
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