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Re: love makes the world go round

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Arising_uk wrote:You're selective in your responses,
I don't reply to every single thing you say only the interesting ones.
Arising_uk wrote:common-sense dictates that when you're dead you're dead.
Where else do you think memory is stored?
In the consciousness matrix, on a beon level. Most people's consciousness matrix doesn't have very much capacity, like a flashRAM. If you don't believe in that, and you believe in consciousness just being the passing of time itself, your argument still doesn't make sense. Your argument's crux is that people don't remember past lives, therefore reincarnation is false. But according to your own beliefs, why would memory be retained after death? So according to your own belief system, your argument doesn't have any substance.
You are of that species, hence all the hate. Still think you're doing it wrong if this is your response to the act.
Humans are not the only ones who can hate, and it's not just the act itself it's everything about it. Already said that like three times.
So plastics all round? Or just vegetable based clothing and bare feet?
I don't consider using decomposed fossils a breach of vegan protocol. That would be ridiculous.
If there are these 'higher life-forms' then surely you should be proclaiming them.
For what purpose? As far as humans go, most vegans I meet (other than myself) are dweebs and losers, so I am reluctant to call them higher life forms.
Strange vegan you are if you are not opposed to eating animals per se.
I recognize some of you humans have fragile bodies and weak minds. Therefore, I am not opposed to you murdering an animal every now and then if you do it in a clean manner.
Not regenerating as you can't regenerate once dead, so not killing them over and over again.
Figured you'd say that. You seem to focus on the small scale and to nitpick. On the larger scale, it is quite akin to regeneration. As a species, it is regeneration over and over again.
How can you absolve yourself of displaying the same traits?
I pick and choose my traits whereas humans are unconscious of them. However "don't blame it on me" wasn't referring to traits, it was referring to the state of ignorance on this world, which is entirely not my fault, let me assure you.
Of all the planets in the galaxy, I'm in the shittiest, most narrowminded one.
...How could you know this?
I'm not for sure just a hunch.
At least microbes on Mars don't talk back. Traits can be and unlearned. It's natural pick some traits that can be useful. Because you steal someone's soul doesn't make you them. I've stolen people that I hate doesn't make me stop hating them even though I've stolen some of their essence.
No but it makes you them so all a pointless self-hate game really.
Nothing pointless about a self-hate game. I find them more entertaining than most PC games.
Well shit thought it was obvious.
Then you appear to contradict yourself?
It's only a contradiction if you nitpick words. You should know the gist of it.
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