Why are people scared of philosophy?

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Re: Why are people scared of philosophy?

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I'm not sure why there is so much hostility in this forum. The answer is fairly simple to me. Although it is just one perspective on the subject, I think it never hurts to add more and more perspectives to an idea. I'm just going to give up on sentence structure while I write my ramblings. It's a misunderstanding of philosophy. Plain and simple. Philosophy is here for everyone. The average person (a phase i hate to use because there is no such thing) goes through their life completing one objective and moving to another. They see the world for what it is not for what makes it up. Only a deep philosophy requires a deeper way thinking and it can be applied anywhere. It is very relevant and will always be. Not because of its popularity but because of its necessity. If we're going to have civilization we are going to need a group of people to analyze our actions. To be a human living on this planet you must have a philosophy. Whether you know it or not there is a list of rules you follow your life by. Those rule vary from person to person. That's what philosophy is. One's thoughts and perception of reality in general. And you only actually see reality from one perspective. You can always visualize other perspectives but you will never experience them. So the non introspective mind might see philosophy as this big abstract form of thinking when really it is actually just thinking in general. Yes it could be the use of big words that scares people from philosophy, but philosophy doesn't have to be deep and complicated. You choose to take it farther depending on your personality.
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