Need abstraction and its variables

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Need abstraction and its variables

Post by The Voice of Time » Sat Dec 13, 2014 11:28 pm

Dealing with particular problems can make for quite great success as with regard to the status of the need-object of the individual. It can make the individual quite satisfied and happy, in more simple words. Unfortunately, we live in a world where solving particular problems can require both tremendous effort, involve contradictions and even be right out impossible. For this reason, sometimes what is needed to solve the situation, that is, make somebody more satisfied and happy, is to change the very nature of the problem.

When a problem arise, it might be very hard to change the nature of it. Some problems are very deeply rooted in a web of complicated situations, and therefore looking at them as changeable can cause a lot of misunderstanding. All situations are changeable, nothing dictates that they can never change, but for what I'm trying to get at, one can easily misunderstand that all situations are changed along the same pattern.

Because there is a variable, we can call it "need flexibility", which results in an ability for a particular problem to be converted into a related problem. Low need flexibility results in a weak to negligible ability to make this conversion, whereas a high need flexibility results in a strong ability. The way we understand needs to relate to each other is what I'm getting at when I say not all situations are able to change along the same pattern. The number of differences from the original problem, can be quite large. So much so, that we barely recognize the situations' relations. The ability in such situations for the change to represent the origin is weak and the transfer costly.

Therefore, I'm saying we should prepare people for a high need flexibility. Prepare them for an ability to convert their particular problems, when those problems cost a lot to solve, to a similar problem that can much easier be solved. The preparation implies a dedicated strategic development of oneself and the collective of people involved into situations that has strongly this property of need flexibility. It means to not commit resources into areas that are not strongly enough covered against backlashes, if those depending on those resources will experience the backlash and so become victims of it.

By abstracting needs, one concentrates ones dependencies on those abstract features of ones reality that comes in abundance, such that if one looses one source for this abstraction, one can easily enough jump onto another. A simple example is food, or nourishment. Nourishment can be an abstraction of eating any particular food. Though there are other abstractions that are also important in particular foods, those would have to be coordinated with the abstraction of nourishment, such that when I say you can eat all kinds of food there is that gives you the necessary nourishment, you must also make certain that the list of those types of food or combinations of food also includes solving the problem of those other abstractions, meaning there will certainly be combinations that only solve the abstraction of the problem of nourishment.

For this reason, we could say you could change out potatoes with rice in your daily meals, at least probably it won't matter that much. But changing food entirely for a series of concentrated drinks of nourishings liquids, could set you into situations for instance where food is extremely boring, and your ability to try out different combinations is weakened and so also the diversity of roles that food can play on us. So two new problems arise out of trying to solve one, and this means that for us to have a truthful, an effective solution, we need to omit this falty situation and all those alike it from the list of possible solutions to our problem. While chemically manufactured food can be a great solution for many things, this particular solution was inadequate, and so constant innovation and diversification would have to be introduced, and a respect for our taste buds and the role they play in making our life harmonious and enjoyable.

Now please tell me what you think of this. It certainly has a lot of implications which might not come to your mind when you read it. For instance, as call for control it involves a socio-political involvement at a deeper level of our lives, where our lives become dictated by a reason that predicts and necessitates our developments as people. Try to see what other implications you might find in this in your own life. And please comment.

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