Music . Sadly lacking here.

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Music . Sadly lacking here.

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Grendel wrote:
Hjarloprillar wrote:Vid broken. noplay too day

wow what a old time anarchist revival. I thought crass was crap when i 1st heard it on vinal.. it still is.

like 30 + years back

terrible music.

Some people would say you have no taste in music. I would argue with them, clearly you have taste........ bad.
tonight. i want to see it your eyes.
One of the best pre-computer age
music vids of all time. but for this

<MY little grendel..sniker

heres one you will love
Uh oh were in trouble. Somethings come along and burst our bubble.
from before you were a sperm

comments on Youtube.
"but if you listen long enough, you'll never forget the main chorus as it burns into your brain"

truth from 30 years back. thats how long it has cycled in my small brain.
My gran daughter loves this song. Where granda dances about singing
'Uh oh were in trouble something came along and burst our bubble."
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