The Importance of Philosophy

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The Importance of Philosophy

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Philosophy is the art of living and dying through the exploration of being under the form of a question.

As such facts derived from the sciences have little to no meaning unless directed from a higher source of reason.

This reason is philosophy as it is the convergence and divergence if facts resulting in a new interpretation if truth.

This mode of interpretation is derived from philosophy alone given all the sciences stem from this basic root of questioning which allows there existence as being possible.

Philosophy is the exploration of truth and as such has a high degree of utility given that it allows for the direction of knowledge.

A fact in itself is useless unless put under the act of question which allows for any of its potential truths to come forth as it becomes reintegrated into being under a new manner.
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Re: The Importance of Philosophy

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Ignorant people will accept anything in the external world as their savior.

Philosophers from being able to comprehend the inner electrical light which shines within them find that this love and focus cools down their system to a normal state, invigorates their vital powers and makes them healthy in body and mind. This leads to an understanding of, not just information about, the self and the external world.
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