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uwot wrote: Tue Aug 30, 2022 8:38 am
MagsJ wrote: Tue Aug 30, 2022 2:12 amWhen’s the next Meetup, please? ..can’t believe I missed this.
Well, if you check the dates, it's probably because this happened before you joined the forum. Still, that picnic morphed into an article I wrote for the magazine which you can read here: ... d_Branches I'm always happy to talk about Pre-Socratics, if that's your bag.
That’ll teach me to skim-read to excess and miss the year it actually was.. though I’ve noticed that I’m not the first one to have done that in these forums.. and there are alternative Meetup groups that hold such events, so there is that.

Thanks for the link share.. added to ‘reading list’. I may have some discussion-points for you, afterwards.
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